114th Il Lombardia (1.UWT) // 15th of August 2020

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May 29, 2019
Nibs is as canny as you'll ever see. Obviously he didn't intend on anyone crashing but he attacked on that descent deliberately to put pressure on and make the others make mistakes if they weren't on the absolute top of their descending game. It's been commented on since day one that Remco had questionable bike handling skills. Who knows, but the Shark obviously thought it was worth taking a bite. Remco could easily have lost 20 or 30 seconds and chased back on but a little lack of racing guile cost him dearly. Fractured pelvis and lung contusion. Hopefully he comes back soon and as good as ever.
Yeah that Nibali attack was absolutely brilliant. You have one of the best riders of his generation, going into the race as the team leader, realizing he doesn't have the legs to win and therefore throwing away personal ambitions risking it all on a descent 50 km before the finish to increase the chances of his teammates.

That was a really nice move and it actually even succeeded as I guess the main objective was to drop Remco. It's just that with hindsight I still really wish he hadn't attacked.
Jan 18, 2020
No issues with supporting any rider over others. I simply don't see the need to do so while trying to ridicule people who have a different opinion and by dismissing the talent of other riders. It might come back to bite you in the ass. ;) Admitted, i have somewhat of a softspot for van Aert. Perhaps because he's had to carry that stupid crux. Nothing but respect for Mathieu, probably the most versatile rider in the peloton since the 70s (i'll reserve judgement for Tom Pidcock, who might prove more versatile, but perhaps not equally good on all accounts).
All good Logic. I'm definitely coming from strictly a fan perspective - and admit I talk a bit of trash. All in good fun - we're not wasting our time arguing politics or anything. But I have huge respect for all professional cyclists - to me there is no harder sport in the world - not even close. We're lucky to have so many great young riders coming up right now - and they all kind've have their own niche - VDP will never be able to TT like WVA, or win GT's like EVP, Pogegar, etc. I love MTB racing so I'm a VDP guy. Funny thing is, in my country I would say 999 people out of 1000 don't even know who either WVA or VDP is. That said, Brandon McNulty grew up in my home city - so I was rooting pretty hard for him today.