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2009 Tour Route

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Alpe d'Huez said:
Meaning, the Tour has been reduced to being a stage race that only needs to be a week long? Sure seems like it's going to end up looking like there's only two stages that will really determine everything...

Yep and I was reading the tour guide in the comic today and in there Prudhomme is quoted as saying that we will not know until Ventoux who will win. I am just hoping this does not mean he will keep producing a tour with meek climbing stages like this one just so it is still close after three weeks.

And I think today has shown that the TTT has definitely put a lot of contenders out of the race - it's not over by any means but I think seeing a hand full of GC hopefuls bomb out on a killer mountain stage would make a better show.

I must say that I am finding this year's tour interesting even if the route leaves a little to be desired, can't wait to see Contador attack!