2010 Vuelta a Murcia 3rd-7th March

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Jul 27, 2009
thehog said:
Lance Armstrong is likely to add an extra race to his Tour de France preparations following an average performance at the Vuelta de Murcia.*

The extra race talk is merely to see who ponies up the most to get him to come to the start line. I'll guess he doesn't really want to race more. He'll just ride a little harder on the breakfast ride in South Africa. :D
Dekker_Tifosi said:
Armstrong is so over the hill. He probably doesn't even realise getting podium in the Tour will be hard enough this year. With the b-field of last year he could just barely manage that.

What new names at the tour in 2010 will turn it from a b-field to a-field?
issoisso said:
I swear I can not for the life of me think of one valid reason for the "post must have ten characters" rule.

A discussion/debate forum might need a little more than ten characters to bring anything to the board. It's not a statement forum where "QFT" & "Agree" are standard lines and everyone tries to top a hit count..... Well, I for one like it....

If you (a general "you", not a personal "you" - since YOU obviously can:cool:) can't seriously write ten characters in a post, then maybe it's worth considering if you should do the post at all.....