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2016 Giro d'Italia, Stage 19: Pinerolo - Risoul (162 km MTF)

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Oct 16, 2009
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Hoping for Chaves but I think tomorrow will be Nibali's day.

Of course the best thing of all would be if Kruijswijk came back with a vengeance. I guess more likely is he'll lose half an hour, but he didn't do too badly up the last climb today.

blackmamba said:
Chaves or Steven pls, Nibali cant have that much luck everytime he wins a GT....

Where is the luck?

Was good on descent and put Kruijswijk in difficulties which resulted in crash. Was stronger on uphill and rode away from Chaves. No luck involved. I'd say that Nibali has had unluck for the most part of the Giro.
Re: 2016 Giro d'Italia, Stage 19: Pinerolo - Risoul (162 km

Pricey_sky said:
SKSemtex said:
Ods Nibali to win the Giro 11/10. :)

I've got Chavez e/w at 28/1. I may lay a bit off and back Nibali at that price to guarantee a return.

Tomorrow should be epic

I would rather be in Chaves' position. Don't see Nibali doing that two days in a row and SK will be banged up a bit. It's far from over for any of them.

portugal11 said:
Nibali is a campionissimo bla bla bla, he is so lucky damn!!!
Not only this. His sudden comeback is upper laughable! He's gonna win the Giro tomorrow now. Even if Kruijswijk was still fine tomorrow and able to drop Chaves, he would still lose more time on Nibali. Kruijswijk's crash certainly is his own idiocy. But Nibali suddenly outclimbing Chaves and winning the Giro is a pure disgrace to me!
I love it, the top three are within a minute of each other! I hope that SK is able to battle tomorrow.

RE: waiting for a rider who crashes: IMO if a platoon pile up happens, everyone should ride piano until everyone is rolling again. When a racer crashes on their own when the race is on, like today, you don't wait. Bike handling is part of winning too. VN and EC railed the corner so should they be restricted because SK was unable to do the same? If they wait for SK, they are also letting the guys who they dropped on the climb back on.

Tomorrow is gonna be epic, I believe chavito can make it tomorrow, because I don't see Nibbs going full gas again, SK may be hurt and tomorrow he can pay it, the only question mark is Valverde who can have something else reserved for tomorrow.

The top 3 gave everything they had today and tomorrow they may pay the price.

And this will be the first time we see chavito defending the MR, this is gonna be epic man!!
No clue what happens tommorow, but like you said yourself. Entire top 3 absolutely gave their all. Nibali is not at disadvantage for going full gas today because they all did. I am not sure if he can take 40+ seconds tommorow, but Astana absolutely has to go full gas from the beginning because bonus seconds can be valuable.

Chaves has to be isolated at the top of La Bonnete already. How bad is that descent?
Jul 29, 2012
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Re: Re:

gatete said:
portugal11 said:
How can anyone be happy with this win?
You know, i'm feeling the same way but that is probably because Nibali is not my cup of tea. I wonder what I would feel if Alberto whom I really like was in in this position

What did you feel during the tour of 2014? That's that feeling