2016 TdF, Stage 13: Bg-St-Andéol → Caverne Pont-d'Arc (38km)

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if they wanted to DQ quintana they would have already done it,he is still in the race which means it was taken as a safety grab considering the circumstances

now take this into different thread,you are just polluting this one

Dekker_Tifosi said:
Martin now at +39 seconds at check 2. Doesn't look like winning
The times from sicard and cummings look suspect. escpecially looking at inter 1 and 3.
Still not good enough but he keeps pace with Oliveira from check 1 to 2.
Re: Re:

SafeBet said:
Taxus4a said:
It was a moment just for security, no more...
How do you know?
Look at the circuntances and the exactly place...

Look the crowd, look how the `previous moto brakes and Porte crash withy it, look athis rivals didnt say anything. The mistake was form le tour yesteray to aloow so many people there or to dont put the fences that night, no more...
Jul 13, 2016
Its been to many controversials this tour, way to many I just dont feel like its gonne be a rightfull winner no matter what will happen not its simply been to many controversials, bending the rules etc etc
Aug 6, 2011

Taxus4a said:
Uff, I dindt see Cancellara finished, and so bad...he waste maybe too much energies these days helping Mollema, Mollema has chances of podium, so I understand.
Well, and he's past his career peak.