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2017 Giro d'Italia: Stage-by-stage Analysis

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Eshnar said:
OMG I finally finished this thing. :eek:

It's past midnight and I didn't proof read it (because you know, sometimes tl:dr applies to the writer too...), so please tell me about mistakes/typo. I'll probably fix it tomorrow.

Thanks for this. I was literally waiting for your analysis before allowing myself to start obsessing over the Giro. Now the only issue is having to wait a whole week before it starts :eek:
Foza is a pretty nice climb actually, not too bad. A proper Dolomite stage had made this route a very good one, I think. An overall theme seems to be the many very consistent climbs, I like those a lot better than the stop-and-go action some other climbs produces. Piancavallo reminds me of an Italian Alpe d' Huez.

All eyes on Blockhaus and Stilfserjoch x2!
Impressive work as always,Eshnar!

Please note that the race starts friday this year and actually has three rest days,the first already monday the 8th. So maybe you want to adjust your first couple of posts accordingly.

But thanks for the brilliant effort.
Re: Re:

Eshnar said:
Brullnux said:
Simurgh said:
Definitely an enjoyable read, well done!

But could someone tell me, what the "TV" and "R" points on the stage profiles mean? :eek: I've had my assumptions, but I need to know

Traguardo Volante = TV (intermediate sprint)
R is the feed zone, I think perhaps it stands for riposo or something.

Thanks eshnar :)
Thanks, I am not sure why I'd always assumed it was riposo. Just made sense in a way I guess.

Thanks again for the analysis