2018 La Fleche Wallonne

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Velolover2 said:
Serpentin said:
The other teams need to ride now if they want to win.
Yeah but they need to attack, not pull.

They missed a chance on Ereffe. Now there is only Cherave left.
You can't attack when the break is nearly a minute ahead and working reasonably well together. That would be impossible to bridge even if 4-5 guys got away. They have to narrow the gap first.
Red Rick said:
Gigs_98 said:
The question is, how deep have the guys in front been going. Nibali is probably still relatively relaxed and will still have quite a lot left. Kwiatkowski chasing now though, that could be crucial
I wonder if Nibali could solo from Cherave. I don´t think so.
I think he'd benefit more from climbing Cherave a bit more slowly and having some company on the run into to Huy.
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DFA123 said:
Red Rick said:
DFA123 said:
Laplaz said:
Wow, DD in front for the top25 place of Slagter. Pathetic.
Why shouldn't they be at the front? It's not pathetic at all. They've missed the break and Landa isn't going to bring it back by himself. Better to actually use your riders and try to finish as high as possible.

Reminds me of the Paris-Nice editions when people kept complaining that every other team should subvert their own aims, to allow Contador to win. Just nonsense.
It is 100% pathetic
Pathetic would be doing nothing, watching Landa toil away while the gap to the break goes out, and then having four relatively fresh riders arrive at the foot of Mur, when the top 10 positions have already been filled.

Trying to get the best possible result for their team is not pathetic in the slightest.

Yeah, whats the point in letting the break go if you don't have any riders in that break?

Better ride for a possible top10 than just end up with nothing at all.