2018 La Fleche Wallonne

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Dekker_Tifosi said:
Henao and Slagter 11 and 12 after their teams chased. Brilliant lol
This and the fact Sky kwiakowski chased for henao to finish in some obscure position.great ride by nibali and haig and congrats to Alaphiliipe and quickstep another classic to their names...also good ride by lotto to get a podium..
Sep 6, 2016
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Koronin said:
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Koronin said:
Congrats to Alaphilippe


Alaphilippe also had one of the fastest time up the Mur de Huy. Valverde had his normal consistent time which wasn't good enough this year. Alaphilippe's time was 2:48. Valverde's all time record is 2:41. Valverde's time today was 2:52 which is inline with his other wins of between 2:50 and 2:53. He basically has a very consistent time. He also said he screwed up on the climb.

I’m assuming those times are only for the last km. Who holds the record for the whole climb?
I'm kind of interested to see what Matthews can do in LBL. Last season his 4th seemed a real anomaly, or some kind of sign of a race not raced hard enough.

But he looks the real deal in this terrain. It was a pretty tough FW, and look at the long list of climbers behind him on the results sheet. There's no way I would have had him top 5 on the Mur.....

And actually on reflection, maybe his flat sprint is a bit weaker than in the past, but his climbing much better - maybe he's made his choice about what kind of rider he wants to become.
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El Pistolero said:
ebandit said:
Samamba said:
What happened to Martin?

he' a donkey...always was...

Mark L

No, no, no. The donkey nickname is reserved for Froome.

As of this day I give Dan Martin the nickname of Yamcha.
Hey, don't knock on Yamcha! I always had a soft spot for him, especially in Dragonball. I liked that he wanted the dragonballs because he didn't know how to talk to girls :razz: .
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rghysens said:
Krokro said:
Do you guys know what hapened to Teuns? It was like the third favorite here, even if he has not shown something significant until now this season, and no one seems to worry about it.

According to himself, he was "affected by the heat".

Okay, thank you for the info! Expected a bit more from him.