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2019 Tour de France, stage 2: Bruxelles - Brussel 27,6 km TT

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Re: Re:

Red Rick said:
Gigs_98 said:
Red Rick said:
Nibali looks strong. Good TTT by TBM
Stop that thinking before it disappoints you
Mate theres a WC final coming up to disappoint me for weeks

are you from the NED-lands ? good, I will cheer for the Oranje Leeuwinnen today despite the butt-kicking you gave us last week.

the yanks are just too good for anybody in the world right now unfortunately. Physically you should matchup well with them though. van der Gragt, van de Sanden, Vivianne etc..


INEOS team right now: "we all knew we were going to win. We were just chilling on these chairs" :cool: