2019 Tour de France, stage 2: Bruxelles - Brussel 27,6 km TT

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tobydawq said:
Jagartrott said:
So, did Ineos do this on purpose? The wind may play in their favour a little bit - but they have no time splits to compare to. Ineos favourites according to the bookies, but I'd say Jumbo and DQS.

Also, I don't get why Michelton is considered 3rd favourite. They have both Yates' and Haig, that three guys that are of little use in a TTT. It's all about Watts and big guys, guys that weigh 55-65 kg are just not helping the rest.
Maybe because they destroyed the opposition in Tirreno-Adriatico with Adam the day before Simon Yates won a flat TT in Paris-Nice.

Just maybe.
Perhaps next time you can formulate your posts in a less patronizing manner. I was right. The Yates' were luggage.