Giro d'Italia 2021 Giro d'Italia, Stage 1: Torino - Torino 8.6 km ITT

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Normally, Ganna should win. If he is in a normal form. Which he has not confirmed in recent weeks. Cavagna second. Evenepoel maybe third. Or at least top five. Otherwise it would turn out that he is still far short. In the past, Campenaerts could be a contender for the top three. But the first part of the season, Campenaerts transformed to a cobblestone "classic" rider. Not sure he had enough time to become a time trialist again.
DQT have done a fantastic job drumming up hype by having this be the young boys first race back, the giro organisers must be delighted. Hopefully a few of them make it even more interesting by honouring the Giro tradition of talking some smack about their rivals in the press, Nibali or Simon Yates both have it in them and are likely candidates.
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