2021 Giro Route Rumours

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Don't mind the route. A couple of really exciting stages.

I don't think it necessarily needed another ITT but adding another 15-20km or so to the existing ITTs (maybe making the first one circa 15km and the second just over 40km) would have balanced the route a little more as although there are not maybe as many of the famous passes other than stage 16 there is still a lot of climbing in general.
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Looks okay, but still a bit disappointing:

+ ++ The sterrato stage looks great
++ Fedaia and Giau in the same stage (and it's long)
+The Madesimo stage is good and using high mountains rarely used.
+Sega di Ala is at least okay, and they are crossisng Monte Baldo in that stage.
+I actually like that side of Zoncolan better than the Ovaro side. The latter is actually too steep.

-It could be a bit more ITT and/or placed differently.
-Staulanza could have been added in tha Cortina stage. And Bondone/Santa Barbara in the Sega di Ala stage.
-- Too few/bad medium mountain and hilly stages. and the Bagno di Romana stage is really disappointing after the rumours that were posted here in the forum.
-- It's too backloaded. Although there are several hilly/mountain finished the first half, the 5 toughest stages are in the last 8 days.
--- There are only one mountain stage where long range attacks are probable.

Edit: I actually noticed now that they ascend Passo di San Valentino from Avio and descend to Chizzola. That is completely backwards. Why do they do that? Is the road down to Avio too dangerous to descend? If they ascended Mori from north it would have been at least 15-20 km shorter and it would been much easier to add another climb.
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I see now that Crosetta is from Anzano and not from Sarone - a minor difference, but the latter would be more natural. And Fedaia is by the new road (as expected) and not via Serrai di Sottoguda. And Grado - Gorizia would be a great ITT (as suggested here), some real '15 vibes.
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Yeah Zoncolan from Sutrio is really "we have Gamoniteiro at home"
Yeah, but I kinda understand that they don't always want to use the same side. Still, this time adding the Passo Duron right before it would have made sense, 4.2km at 10.1% and pretty much no flat right after the descent would have made this one a lot harder. On a normal Zoncolan stage you never get a high pace on that climb because you still have the much easier Sella Valcalda before the Zoncolan, but if you use the Sutrio side you could actually add something to the stage.
In the end I still don't mind it because we have other mountain stages where you can attack from further out.
Stage 4 shouldn't be underestimated, the final climb up to Sestola is 4km at 10%.
It's still a damn good climb.
Yep, but this version of the Giro contains too many of these climbs/stages to be an optimal route. The route would have better if they substituted the Alpe di Mera stage with the previously rumoured Cuneo- Cuneo stage. And in addtition made the Bagno di Romana stage as tough that was rumoured a couple of weeks ago.

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I really don't get the people preferring this Zoncolan side over the usual one. The average gradient isn't as steep but the final three kilometres , where all the differences are gonna be made, are so you are not gonna get a different kind of racing, just less of it.
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