Giro d'Italia 2022 Giro d'Italia, Stage 16: Salò – Aprica 202 km (Tuesday, May 24th)

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A lot can happen on a 7.5%, 13 km climb.

Getting in front could turn out to be a big mistake and a lot of wasted energy.

Would expect Yates to come over to them whenever he wants, but will be interesting to see who he bring with him.

Trek bringing Cataldo back for this is just weird. Why not bring him back to drill the flat and leave it an easy bridge for Ciccone if you don't trust Ciccone on his own
About to turn off the sound on my feed from the amount of times they're calling this the 'slightly easier side' of the Mortirolo. Enough with the sugarcoating, this side is barely worth half the classic one.

Also they're claiming there are only three sides to this climb when they've climbed and descended four in the past decade of the Giro alone.
So Buchmann attack at the Mortirolo? Keldermann waiting at the top and leads until the foot of Teglio. From there on Kämna will take over? Carapaz has to chase alone, Hindley just follows and for this reason has more energy in the end and will take the jersey?

Just dreaming.. ;)
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