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Giro d'Italia 2022 Giro d'Italia, Stage 9: Isernia – Blockhaus 189 km (Sunday, May 15th)

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It still amazes me how this forum keeps overestimating some riders and underestimating others like Almeida. He was amazing today, after saying before todays stage that he was not feeling good (it seems that he had a bad rest night). It was clear that he was struggling to keep in reaching distance with Bardet, Carapaz and Landa but somehow he managed to close the gaps 3 times with Hindley weelsucking at all times to keep his strength for the final sprint. So my question is, if he was not feeling good today how it will be in the 3rd week if he feels good then?
In regards to Ineos using up Porte, I think that was due to their third best climber not being as strong as in past races. Richie had to be on the front from a long way out. If they had Martinez or Yates or Hart here then perhaps they could have kept Porte in the gc picture for longer.

As it was, their tactics for Carapaz were correct. When he attacked only 2 rivals could go with him. This didn't exactly backfire like it did for Bahrain on Loze 2020.
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Without their best climbing domestique I think Ineo's tactics made sense. Make the race about who goes out the back due to the Ineos grind of strength rather than firing your own man out the front and it worked. Arguably with the time bonus Carapaz would be 2nd or 3rd on GC but that's largely immaterial, they're all close.
Juan Pedro Vs João Pedro

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At one point, when Porte accelerated, I thought gaps would be big but it wasn't the case. Billy wasn't strong enough and Diesel Almeida (who looked on his limit earlier on) managed to neutralize the attackers. Congrats to Hindley (who finally resembled his 2020 self) and to Lopez on a brave ride (that almost fall cost him some time). Not much separated top riders there and even this monster climb didn't make the difference. The Giro is still so wide open and will remain like that until the final week. There are still like 7 candidates for victory. Unfortunately Yates is out of GC fight.
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At least today Diego Rosa got a jersey out of the breakaway, way better than the useless solo breakaway a few days ago and he dropped some legit climbers sprinting for those KoM points.
Rosa is a rider who needs racing days at full gas to get the best legs. I reckon that solo break did him good.
Blue jersey could be a goal for him, but he could even win a stage if he gets in the right break.
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the GC is shaping up nicely after the 1st test - yet we have some good stages next week that can shuffle the top 10 before the brutal last week. If Carapaz, Bardet & Landa don't make a good buffer on Hindley & Buchmann, they might get heart broken in the very last stage ITT so...
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Ineos the strongest team but their train looks weaker than the last few times they won a GT, especially with Castro injured. The race is really wide open, just a shame we have to wait til next weekend for possible GC action.

I think Bahrain might be stronger than Ineos if they go fully in for Lands. Bilbao is strong, Novak lasted that climb a lot longer than I thought, Poels is Poels and Buitrago crashed today but I reckon he'd have been there like Poels and Novak were without that.
Yates is an entertaining rider, so I started to like him. Sadly, he still often surprises with bad days that no one expected beforehand. This is really weird. He and the people around him are so experienced, and in his age, he knows exactly what works best for him.

He was humiliated in Asturias few weeks ago, and humiliated again, today. How disappointed Yates and the people around him will be this evening. It‘s just a sad, weird story. :(
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