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Tour de France 2022 Tour de France Start List

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And we got Ineos.

Remember how Senechal snubbed a quite angry Jacobsen on a stage in La Vuelta last year? ...

I would have thought/hoped that Senechal practically saving Jakobsen's life would far outweigh any anger Jakobsen might have felt about that incident. Being angry in the moment - because of the adrenaline running high - sure. Still being angry about it several month later, to the point that he'd veto a teammate's participation in the Tour? No, surely not.
In fact, I anyone being angry about something like what happened at the Vuelta, to the point that they'd veto a teammate's participation in a big race several months later, would be a bad look. Life-saving action or not.
Well Quintana looked nowhere near a GC contender at Occitanie, despite the best efforts of Edet and Ries. And there's three stages in Arkea's home region of Brittany. Looks like they've gone for a team focussed on those and the Danish stages. I'll be cheering for them if they rip the race apart.
They're not going anywhere near Brittany this year?
Easy mistake to make. Remove the islands and rotate by 90 degrees and Denmark kind of resembles Brittany.
A Belgian riding for a Belgian team who leaves for another Belgian team is bad for business - It is no coincidence that Merlier is missing the TDF.

The decision to take Philipsen to the Tour and not Merlier was made before the season. Absolutely nothing to do with Merlier going to QS. Or well it might have had an effect on Merliers decision to leave but not the other way around.
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