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Giro d'Italia 2023 Giro d'Italia, Stage 19: Longarone – Tre Cime di Lavaredo 183 km (Friday, May 26th)

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Roglic sucked? The guy was surgically rebuilt before this season and, IMO wasn't going to be remotely ready to race this GT. Add to the crashes he's had and continued racing I don't think you have a clue about the effort required. The "greats" of recent decades had the benefit of many doctors and a UCI willing to look the other way to aid in their heroic attacks.
This may be the real cycling that isn't conducted at "otherworldly" speeds?
He has always been a conservative and now he has turn to being an extremely conservative rider. But he could still win la vuelta, as weak as this field was. II Giro is still outta his reach : D
But what if the GT is the first you're tuning into, and they're telling you it's terrible and all these top riders don't race like they used to. Would you ever tune in again?
But we are not disappointed because of expectations rooted in ancient racing. We are disappointed because this particular edition has been especially horrible, whereas Ronde was fantastic and the Tour last year was the best modern edition.

If commentators conveyed that, I think viewers would be more inclined to give other races a chance.
this race is like when you're constipated and you sit on the bowl for forever, pushing and dying for relief. then you push out a tiny little pebble and you still feel constipated. tomorrow when Thomas wins will be like pushing too hard and your whole ass-hole comes out.
taking a bike race way too seriously. but best of luck with your issues ..i.e., the last 6 words...i cant identify w that
IMO he, and any other commentators sugarcoating this race, are a hindrance more than a help. Yes, it may put off some casual viewers if you're being honest about this race, but sometimes a race is so bad that it's unhealthy for there not to be proper backlash and this is one such occasion.

It could concieveably have an offputting effect on new/casual viewers aswell, if for some reason this is the first GT im watching and am bored by it and guys like Hatch trying to upsell this "OH MY WORD WHAT GREAT DAYS OF RACING WEVE HAD THIS GIRO D'ITALIA OH MY WORD OH MY WORD" Id probably be like "aight back to the football then i guess if this is how its gonna be all the time"