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Giro d'Italia 2023 Giro d'Italia, Stage 9: Savignano sul Rubicone – Cesena 35 km ITT (Sunday, May 14th)

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If you are asymptomatic, can you stay in the race ? do you need to be tested ?
I mean, sure it is dangerous for the body (elevated risk of pericarditis or myocarditis), but if you do know it ? or if the test is done badly (lots of false negatives with the nose test, even by a professionnal).
It's completely up to the team. There are no rules by UCI or RCS.

Two riders separated by one second in a 35km TT, both with different ideas on how to wear their helmet... well visor.
fwiw Lisa Brennauer wore the yellow leaders jersey to start the day after Lizzie Deignan, who was technically the race leader having won the first stage, DNS'd the second stage at the Womens Tour in 2015. I suspect its down to the race organisation what they do, rather than a hard rule set by the UCI.
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Do you live in an alternate reality where the 2020 Stelvio stage never happened? In addition, TGH has won this race before, it makes no sense for him (nor Ineos in general) to settle for second.
Nope, I'm living in one where the last time Tao attacked the GC in a grand tour, he gained 4 metres in 3 seconds then promptly finished ten minutes behind them. & thats before we get to such classics as 'this is Ineos we're talking about' & 'losing to Hindley on the stelvio stage doesn't mean he's going to put time on Roglic'

ineos haven't been able to use their skytrain for a while now in grand tours, they ain't going to miss the opportunity to bring it back.