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Giro d'Italia 2023 Giro d'Italia, Stage 9: Savignano sul Rubicone – Cesena 35 km ITT (Sunday, May 14th)

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Like I joked 2 days ago he was working for Almeida, turns out it was.
We all knew Joao will win this Giro.

I'm 5 months later and still suffering from breathing, even if I ride uphill as slow as I can. So we only can hope it's not that big off a deal for him and we'll see him soon.
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What a disaster for the race. (Although its possible that we only had what looked like a perfectly poised race because Evenepoel was already starting to get ill).

with both Remco and Uran getting sick, that could mean that Covid is spreading widely in the peloton and we could have a big problem
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He shared the bus, hotels, even a heli with his team. Did he have a roommate?
Wouldn't be surprised if half his team gets it.
Just leave the Italians for stage wins :D
No roommate from what i heard, to reduce risk of getting covid, ironically. Initial plan was to have Vervaeke as a roommate.

No leave Ilan alone. Want to see what he can do in th 3rd week now. This is kind of his chance to actually show what he can do, even tho he hasn't been looking great so far
Have to be honest, he hasn't given me the best impression yet. Bummer he softpedalled the TT today to work for Evenepoel next week.
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If you are asymptomatic, can you stay in the race ? do you need to be tested ?
I mean, sure it is dangerous for the body (elevated risk of pericarditis or myocarditis), but if you do not know you have it ?
Or, if you have light symptoms (aka Pinot) but the test is negativ.
I recall there are lots of false negatives with the nose test, even done by a professionnal.