82nd Volta a Portugal em Bicicleta Santander (August 4-15)

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Got a big gap now, reminding me of 2009 with Nuno Ribeiro and João Cabreira getting that big gap before they even arrived at Mondim de Basto. Solid riding by José Félix Parra and Abner González, clearly dropped on the main attacks but mature enough to not panic and ride back into it. With João Rodrigues the only W52 that could go with Carvalho, though, that's not an ideal situation for them behind, but there's very little impetus in the CA group... and just as I say that a bit of an injection of pace from the pack. Not entirely sure what the two up the road are chatting about, Rodrigues being behind Carvalho on GC isn't likely to provide a huge amount of help while the gap is not GC-consequential and W52 still hold yellow.
Efapel not strong enough to drop the two riders from non-Portuguese teams
They did on the earlier climb, but the two Abarcá guys Sastre'd their way back on. Probably sensible, not wasting energy chasing those attacks when these are the ones that will count. Weird that that approach would come from the two youngest in the mix. I'd say it's to do with higher level teams and the people in the cars coaching tactics, but this is Movistar we're talking about here.
Marque going really threw the younger guys for a loop, they did not have the energy to get around him without losing contact, and once they lost the wheel, they lost the wheel big time.

Mauri thinks he's Melcior Mauri all of a sudden.

Edit: Mechanical Antunes!!! Unbelievable timing!!! Moreira is going to win, lmao