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I actually always disliked the BoB thread but it still kinda makes me nostalgic about the time when I joined this forum. I gotta say, a lot has changed since then, and it's not even that long ago compared to many other members.
I wasn't here back then, but are you telling me that Leipheimer was a less popular bike rider than Cunego?
You would have to review the thread to get an understanding of where Leipheimer stood among the majority of regular posters in the forums at that time and to appreciate the level of entertainment to be found in the posts that were a reaction to that stage's ultimate result. Brought me to tears of laughter.
Most of the Lance/Bottle cartoons have been cleansed from the cycluniverse but they were hilarious. Same platform as Cyclist talks to Coworker...what was that app called?
Why would anyone delete such treasures from being readily available and enjoyed by all? The Armstrong Protection Armada and the few Leipheimer fans who likely were pivotal in them being taken from us. What a shame!
The disappointment was strong from that TdS, especially people talking about Cunego losing overall because of the stage Sagan won and beat him.

Now we're at 2009 pages for the 2009 Tour domination and slaying the old giant.
Nice of Sagan to decide to commemorate that day this year when he decided not to win the Slovak Nationals and therefore rode his first non-TT, non-nationals races in team issue colours since that day.
Anyone knows why he likes so much the Selvino? Some days ago he posted on Instagram that "it's always a pleasure to ride in Italy and even more here at Selvino" [cit.] and yesterday during an interview for Sky Sport he said that it's one of his favourite climbs and he climbs it everytime he can in trainings.

Yesterday after he said that and then he tipped Froome as his favourite for the Giro and van der Poel for the Worlds (after asking to the interviewer if the percours in Switzerland will be hard) i literally thought "what the f***k he's saying".
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