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Simurgh said:
I saw on wiki that because of this he has moved up to 4th because of an increase in time bonus from "winning" the Machucos stage instead of finishing 2nd. Would the GC also be modified to accommodate that? Not that it really matters in reality, but I got curious.
EDIT: Quick calculation, he would be 4th at +3'14'', 1 sec. ahead of Wilco

I'm not sure, but on a similar note I know when he was stripped of 2011 Tour someone here asked if they would adjust the mountain classification which A. Schleck would have won but they did not. I don't think I have ever seen the time bonuses applied after the fact.

LaFlorecita said:
Berto was amazing on that stage, even stronger than on Angliru. It was and still is a shame he couldn't win there. Of course this win on paper doesn't mean much at all.
But, if he had won on Los Machucos, his Angliru win would have been nowhere near as emotional as it was now.
I think his Angliru win would also have been less likely to happen, had he already secured that stage to Machucos. In hindsight, it might be a good thing he did not win it, since winning on Angliru, the way he did it, is a bigger feat.



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