Teams & Riders Alberto Contador Discussion Thread

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May 2, 2010
LaFlorecita said:
This one's great, Flo. Why doesn't someone start a thread of famous cyclists as young men?

PS: Has your CWS also been diagnosed by independent doctors? You know, sometimes a second opinion comes handy.
LaFlorecita said:
Lol, Alberto are you mad :D
Not sure if this is just bad journalism on part.
Since I remember I read somewhere yesterday that Contador said that the course will suit riders like Valverde and Rodriguez as well as it's tough and technical. He didn't suggest Valverde was a favourite for the win, but he didn't expect them to lose much time.

Not sure where I read that though.
Cimber said:
As many times before Big Mig describes it the right way. "He looks like it was his last chance to win" is a very close call describing Contador this far. I agree that AC looks a little bit uncomfortable in the seat and has make strange manoveurs. I think he has been unsure about his legs after the cramp (as well as his form overall) so the possibility is that he might have attacked at strange places to prevent him falling back if he felt the same way.

This does not explain why AC thinks Valverde is favourite for the time-trial though. I bet he like to put some little pressure on certain riders as he did with Froome a couple of stages ago.
Sep 21, 2009
SafeBet said:
Good job by Berto. Froome looks to be fading (but I still wouldn't bet against him). Contador needs to send a message on Friday.
Yeah, on Friday Degenkolb will be second for the first time in the sprint :D