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Teams & Riders Alberto Contador Discussion Thread

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Qualities youd take from other riders
Indurains tt
Armstrongs determination
Climbing like Pantani


super nice idea of interview although they should have said to froomy:"short answers pls!"

excited as hell to see how alberto will go in the time-trial...
cineteq said:

Valverde has been known to occasionally pull out a pretty good time trial on a hilly course. He's shown pretty good form thus far but of course I'd still put Froome and Contador ahead of him. Contador's really just being kind.

Edit: Hitch beat me to it!:(

Semi-related question though to CN: Why is there no graph and map of the stage under race results? I know a poster here (name starts with an "A", just don't want to butcher the name in trying to remember it) opened a thread with detail of each and every stage but why can't CN do the same in the Vuelta stage profiles in addition to their written description and don't they usually do so for all the grand tours?
Ok I posted all my pics in the wrong thread :D