Best and Worst National Champs jerseys

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Squirbos19 said:
I may be wrong but I think they mean the New Zealand flag should be a silver fern, rather than Union Jack and red stars.

Anyway I reckon it's an alright jersey, pretty distinctive and as Wallenquist mentioned we won't see it on TV too much, if at all.
I think its a very poor effort, especially considering the excellent NZ champ jerseys that Dean and Roulston have had in the past.

Even though Avanti are only a Conti team, they are one of the strongest and are looking to go Pro Conti, Avanti is a NZ bike brand and team and Joe Cooper is one of the teams best riders and a WT quality rouleur/Dom. Avanti aren't doing themselves any favours with a poor NZ champ jersey.
Dec 13, 2012
Could anyone enlighten me as to why only some teams, for example BMC, Quickstep, Sky, Ag2r, FDJ, IAM, LOTTO x2, Katusha recognize their former national champions on their jersey's by having the national flag bands on their sleeves / collar. Teams such as Tinkoff and Lampre recognize former world champions such as Rogers / Costa in their respective disciplines but not former national champions while others such as Trek, Cannondale-Garmin, Movistar, Astana, Orica never recognize former national champions on their jersey's. Orica have in the past, I think Gerrans as a two time champion may well have bands this year haven't
Not a word on visibility. "A wow factor".

This article explains so much, actually. It's just like everybody suspected: these teams don't pay attention to what the kits will look like on the road when designing them.