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Best/favorite TV series ever

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Aug 15, 2014
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Wow - this whole thread probably needs a spoiler warning (should have thought about that before reading really!)

My favourite shows ever: M*A*S*H, The West Wing, Early ER (the George Clooney years), Scrubs, Band of Brothers, The Big Bang Theory, early House (anytime before series 6), Frasier.

More recently, I've enjoyed Fargo, The Killing (Danish version), The Bridge (also Danish/Swedish version) and I'm currently watching - and liking - The Honorable Woman (BBC programme).
Jun 22, 2009
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Since my current series - Newsroom, House of Cards, True Detective - are all on break, I was desperately looking for something else to get my teeth into. I found 'Justified', which I recommend without reservation.

There are five seasons with a final sixth to come, set in rural Kentucky, and based on Elmore Leonard short stories. The series has a 8.7 rating on IMDB. Star names are Timothy Olyphant in the title role as a US Deputy Marshal , and Walton Goggins (Shane in The Shield).

"Justified has received widespread critical acclaim throughout all five seasons, particularly for its acting, directing, art direction, and writing, as well as for Olyphant's lead performance. Justified has been nominated for seven Primetime Emmy Awards as of 2012, with two wins, for Margo Martindale's performance as Mags Bennett and Jeremy Davies' performance as Dickie Bennett."


Aug 21, 2014
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Cool. Thanks for that tip. I see it is on Netflix so I'll fire it up tonight once the kids are in bed. Hopefully it'll fill the hole in my life that was left by Breaking Bad finishing. Must get round to watching The Wire too.

There's a bit of a dearth of good British made TV at the moment. I suppose that reflects the way TV viewing is going and how fragmented the industry is. Its ten years since the last of a whole run of astoundingly good British comedy series like Jam, Brass eye, Alan Partridge, the Office, League of Gentlemen, Nathan Barley, Green Wing and so on.

Did anybody see the short series Inside number 9?
There's an Italian show they've been showing on tv here called - Gomorrah, la serie and it's easily the best thing on tv.

No cliches or cheap tricks all the Hollywood series use. Most of it is based on real stories. But unlike everything Hollywood that is based on real stories it's not romanticized and sensationalized, doesn't claim to be making social commentary by having a otherwise heroic character face one tragic flaw. No epic music for key events, no detectives solve a murder an episode, and even better no drawn out wwe like fight scenes that last 5 minutes even though it's clear to anyone who's seen tv before that the main show protagonist has 0 chance of losing the fight and getting killed off. No- key plot turns being saved exclusively for final 10 seconds of episode. no building up the coolness of the protagonists by making all secondary characters idiots and weak (see especially game of thrones where every protagonist is constantly having their awesomeness re-enforced by outcooling the background characters) Most importantly no hero characters - aka face in wrestling, that the audience is encouraged to cheer for.

It misses some of the positives of us style shows, no main show protagonist, smart *** funny comments, banter, no clever Hollywood lines, or jokes, no attempt at super complicated plot lines that will make the viewers go wow at the end of the series.

Just 100% genuine fly on the wall, extremely well made tv that does not follow all the rules that guarantee immediate viewer gratification and thus higher ratings that the majority of successful tv due to the nature of the business is forced to work under.

As a result for the first time in years I'm watching a show with no idea whatsoever as to what is going to happen.
yeah - I watched the first season of that also....thought it was OK as well and will give the 2nd season crack. Simple viewing.

Also watching the 4th season of Homeland now which I like.

Watched the first 2 shows of Gomorra last night and I'm hooked :D

I watch too much TV...although, all of it is on the computer, so I can sort of work in the background as well.
of the current stuff:

Game of Thrones - is probably the fav at the moment, just waiting for the next series to emerge...
BrBa - just started, so only seen a few episodes, but still unsure of it considering all the hype
True Detective - watched some of it, which was excellent, and looking forward to watching more, but missus is wanting BrBa, so on hold for now.
Boardwalk Empire - also early days, but looking really good - will get back to it once missus tires of BrBa
Utopia - brilliant, just brilliant (Australian series written by the D-Gen guys for those who may well never have heard of it)


Wire in the Blood
Homicide: Life on the Street

Plus the usuals;
The Young Ones
Love Thy Neighbour
The Office (original)

Rumour has it that HBO is attempting to turn Asimov's Foundation series into a series, which could be brilliant. Not sure how they'll pull it off, but if they do...
jens_attacks said:
i agree that house of cards is extremely good

also i have to recommend to everyone, Hannibal


bon appetit!

the finale of the season 2 is one of the best i've seen by the way

oh my god! yes! Hannibal is so gross and gruesome and frustrating:)

The only two series I follow are Game of Thrones and Hannibal

have to wait a while for both to start again:(
Aug 4, 2010
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LaFlorecita said:
oh my god! yes! Hannibal is so gross and gruesome and frustrating:)

The only two series I follow are Game of Thrones and Hannibal

have to wait a while for both to start again:(
who are you favourite characters? ;)
In recent years Rome was very good and I have both box sets.

MASH wins hands down for timeless quality. One series I'm waiting on coming out in full, with a brilliant theme tune, is The High Chapparal, yep I'm that old:)

The Rebus series with Ken Stott were also very good but not always true to Rankin's books.
Cance > TheRest said:
No reason to worry. It only gets better as the series progress. BrBa does have some filler episodes once in a while, plotwise, but any show has that.

just finished season 1 - I'd say more of a comedy than a drama - there is some seriously funny stuff going on and very well written
Jun 22, 2009
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Jesus, more than a year since the last post.

If anyone is not (yet) watching season 2 of Fargo, you are missing a mega treat. According to most critics, the best series on tv now. It's brilliant! There is one more episode to come next Sunday. Jump on it! Below a quick quote from the Boston Globe that nails it. Loads of stunning outdoor drone shots.

"The new season of Fargo shows TV-making at its most impressive, with every single aspect--the writing, the acting, the directing, the cinematography, the music, the set design--spot on and in sync."