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Best and funniest forum meme

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Libertine Seguros has had a few, though I wouldn't call hating Sagan a meme really, but the Sepp Kuss thing is hilarious. Also Fedaia (FEDAIAAAA!!!!!), mentioning the best women rider in every rider of the year discussion. And shoutout to that one time I said there must be at least 150 climbs harder than Alpe d'Huez and LS went and made an entire list of 150 climbs
I need to see that list
As I remember it, there were a lot of 'who will win this race?' type polls back in late '09 and early '10 when Vino first returned. At first people were divided about his return but as time went by that intangible X factor he brought in his unpredictability meant he became a popular pick for 'write-in' votes under 'other' in those polls, somebody (might have been Hitch) added 'Other/Vino' as the 10th option in a poll, to acknowledge the number of write-ins for him, then it became a running gag on every "who will win?" for stages, especially after he won a perceived flat stage in the 2010 Tour. For a while, the mods had even put it so that if you had a poll, 'other' would default to 'Other/Vino' meaning he became an option for polls like "best format of racing" or "best climb in northern Italy" or stuff like that.

Pisti's traditional modus operandi was to post an extremely selective rundown of two rider's palmarès, omitting lots of races from the palmarès of the rider he didn't like (often Valverde), and insult the field of the competition in those races while trumping up the strength of the fields in the races his preferred rider had done well in - even if they were the same race. For one rider, the Vuelta 2011 was a joke race with Sergey Lagutin just outside the top 10, Maxime Monfort in the top 5 and a top 3 who'd never podiumed a GT before; for another rider it was a phenomenally strong field with several past and future multi-time champions, the reigning Giro winner (even though Scarponi hadn't acquired that Giro yet and was a non-factor in the Vuelta) and the previous year's champion-elect.

I would prefer not to.
I miss El Pistolero. He was outrageous and funny. Whatever happened to him?
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Kirby-watch has surely reached meme status by now.
Him not being able to shut up about Simon Clarke has definitely become a meme.

So in this comparison Star wars, Radiohead and tennis are the so-called 'masculine' references?
"Yeah you heard that right, I listen to Radiohead, I'm very masculine"
DAOTEC was hilarious. Involuntarily, but hey.
My favourite Pisti moment was when he vehemently and loudly took issue with Farrar being called a "decent" cobbles rider, as apparently there was no possible justification for that, while almost simultaneously arguing that Cavendish was "crap" in the echelons, and then, when enough people called him out on this, he defended himself by saying it was just "hyperbole" and that people should "chill".

Also, cleans.