Cancellara and his giant ego

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Jun 16, 2009
Thoughtforfood said:
You know what, I wrote that before the mind numbing bullshit stages of last week and I retract what I said. He showed balls nobody else has shown, and I for one wish him well tomorrow and in the week to come. That is not sarcastic in any way. I cannot stand the wimpy manner Astana have "controlled" the race, and I cannot stand the crappy paracours ASO put together. Anybody that tried to do something is one of the few. Go Cadel!

Totally agree. People have canned him for attacking when he has livened up the race. Hopefully he will be rewarded for being brave and showing some balls.
Jun 22, 2009
attacking in the early parts of a semi-tough mountain stage, and putting in a seriously weak attack on the final slope of stage 7 just a few kms from the end hasn't really livend up the race at all. But to be fair no one has done better.
When Evans is the most lively rider, you know it is a pretty poor tour in terms of excitement.