Celebrating Too Early/Late

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Connor Swift was almost too early yesterday: Bernal was late (I guess he passed Bouchard and Bouwman so quickly he didn't see them)
I’m sure he saw them, he just didn’t know if they were the leaders or just backmarkers from the group. He presumably hadn’t been counting guys as the peloton passed them.

I still say the best thing would be to have a race commissaire vehicle immediately in front (say, 50m) of the race leader at all times; if you can see this big, brightly colored flag on the back of this car, you’re at the front of the race. Not so much for avoidance of wrong-time celebrations (though that would be a result) but just for the benefit of a simple bit of binary race awareness for the riders (“I can see the lead car, => I’m leading the race”/“I can’t see the lead car/I can see a rider between me and the lead car, => I’m not leading the race”)
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