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Teams & Riders Chris Froome Discussion Thread.

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Is Froome over the hill?

  • Yes.

    Votes: 32 31.7%
  • No, the GC finished 40 minutes ago but Froomie is still climbing it

    Votes: 58 57.4%
  • No he is totally winning the Vuelta

    Votes: 23 22.8%

  • Total voters
Man. Too much Internet. Normal peoples don't know about those things
Only reason I knew about it was a YouTuber I watch made a video on it roosting her and whoever buys it but looks like he took his video down. Then there was a whole thing when she made an Only Fans and apparently made $2 mil that first weekend.

If I was a female I’d be making a killing being a female video game streamer.
I dont Know about that singer, but this stuff is quite funny...

About Froome losing 3 minutes...well, if he is today losing one minute it would be a big new in the cycling world..similar to the result of the Giro. just becouse he was helping the team, yes, but quite bad at Romandie, and he can stiil improve a lot to le Tour. He has maybe more margin than Meinjes, who play a good role at le Tour, even top ten last year. Becouse Froome came from a lower level, Mainjes was top 20 at Romahdie, it was an small step to hget this top ten at Mercan Tour, and there is time... he has one month and a hard race to improve.
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Dawg has been selling Israel bath water for the past few years now.

Whether a grown female infantilising herself and making a killing from lonely paedophiles or a borderline disabled ex-tdf champion going for one last payday I don't pass judgement, as I would definitely consider doing the same in their position.

Having said that, he looked at least serviceable today maybe a few more weeks at altitude and I think he can be decent for the tour, maybe get in a few breakaways or something like last time He was ill at the Dauphine last year so his prep wasn't ideal.
I am not sure but maybe this year the race had more level. Carapaz is a great leader. And the rain was short but heavy, and he hate rain. He was quite similar to last year, worse position, but he passed more people at the end....he did a great finish, and less time to the winer. If this is his level, noch much to say, a man to work for his team, but if he continue progressing in June he could be a great surprise for lot of people
Startlist quality was actually lower this year compared to last year.
The only thing potentially even more hilarious than this thread is if Froome actually becomes decent again. About 90% of this forum has posted stuff in this thread which would make us look so f*cking stupid. Thank god that won't happen please

I admit I was sweating a little during the Alpe stage last year. Just kidding... a little.

What I didn't get was the total no-show of French riders on that July 14th stage, i.e. it seemed like half the peloton had forgotten what day it was. If that happens again & Froome gets a crazy alignment of stars...

Nah, I still don't think so. It seems unlikely a rider who always gets easily dropped could ever be in a breakaway on a hilly or mountainous TdF stage with riders beneath his level & also have the peloton fall asleep & not care about the stage.

He's 38 years old as well. So a miracle stage win is highly, highly unlikely (I mention stage win in the TdF because that has to be the barometer for 'success' now, i.e. because he'll never ever become decent again in terms of consistently performing at a high level. It's impossible).
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Time Trials being the 'Race of Truth' and all those cliches is a good way to measure a pro cyclist's power/speed against his competitors.
Below is a list of all Chris Froome's ITT's post-crash and how many km/h slower he was than the Time Trial winner.

2020 : -7.2km/h, -4.8km/h.
2021: -5.7km/h, -4.2km/h, -5.9km/h, -4.2km/h, -6.1km/h, -6.9km/h, -5.1km/h.
2022: -2.7km/h, -4.3km/h, -4.0km/h, -7.1km/h.
2023: -6.8km/h, -5.2km/h.
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