Teams & Riders Cian Uijtdebroeks - From the wetlands to the top of cycling

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He finally proved that he was the improved version of Remco.

Patiently waiting until Uijtdebroeks wins a monument or the World Championships...

But what a great climber he is, I think he is more of a diesel climber so the longer climbs further down the road should suit him well but recovery is the big question mark. Still, I wouldn't be surprised if he finishes on the top5, which would be awesome given the rivals he is up against.
Seems tailor made for these long efforts in HC multi mountains stages. Will need to improve his TTing considerably to ever contend a GT but I reckon the potential is there (he was good as a junior). And he should gain some explosivity / punch to be in the mix in shorter hills and mountain sprints.
His TT position is awful, they supposedly worked on it at the start of the year but I can't imagine this is the optimal one for him. So that's another reason to think he should be able to improve there.