Clásica San Sebastián 2022, one day race, July 30

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I see that Wout is not on the latest start list. Remco goes on a solo mission in the last kilometers and Tadej almost but doesn't catch him.

What are you talking about? Wout is totally on the startlist. Look!

They're just clearing out of this race so that people on this forum can denigrate Remco's win, saying no one was there or really trying.

And also all those picking Pog and WvA now will then say that they were clearly tired from their TDF.

And that the chase was weak and never organized.

And that everyone else is using it as a training race…but Remco is obviously at his top despite Vuelta being his target…

And on and on..
I don't know about Remco chances here. He is coming back from mostly volume training. By now they know they should watch him if he tries to go and he probably lacks the punch to drop the others on the hills given the other focus he had.

I don't know how much drive Pog still has after the tour. I imagine that physical fatique is one aspect, but the mental aspect also matters. Would be good if he goes into a frenzy to release his tour frustration and starts to randomly attack so the race is on before the last 20km...