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Maybe this is a stupid question. I was riding for months on the hills and mountains of Western North Carolina and had become an adequate climber. Now I am in the flatlands of Florida, and my question is how can I train and maintain my climbing strength in the flats until I get back to North Carolina?
Go to Mt Dora and do anaerobic intervals while listening to Kiss..also eat at Olive Garden because that will punctuate no hills..but mostly sell your bike and look at wildlife from the shore and drink beer.. And if later you post.. I want to ski bumps in the Olympics and I moved from Colorado to Florida.. Same advice.. Enjoy fishing, water skiing and gas station pizza.. Think of things possible like mud boggs and bike week in Daytona.. Who doesn't love 60 year old go go girls with grandkids and Co section scars? Did I mention I worked, lived and tried to train as a bike racer in Florida? Anyway..60,70 year old strippers need love too.. Manatees are incredible.. F Disney!! Gatorland is the number1 attraction in the United States!!
Sorry.. But you asked
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I don't think there's much you can do in flats. You'll need mountains for retaining your strength. I can suggest some mountain trails for you in Florida though. If you get a chance do check em out.
  1. Balm Boyette Scrub Preserve
  2. Alafia River State Park
  3. Markham Park
  4. Santos
Happy riding.
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