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Technically, anti-doping call it the 'event period' I think and is what defines IC or OOC for the no-needles policy etc and that switch is midnight. However, without even a known substance, its method, a time it was administered or even a rider or a witness it's all pointless speculation anyway.
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Technically, anti-doping call it the 'event period' I think and is what defines IC or OOC for the no-needles policy etc and that switch is midnight. However, without even a known substance, its method, a time it was administered or even a rider or a witness it's all pointless speculation anyway.

It was the rule. They've changed it since now though as it was stupid. Now you're OOC once you have fulfilled any post competition anti-doping obligations. So even if Wiggins fully admitted to injecting the triamthingy on the bus after the race, it's unlikely he'd be charged as it's a defunct rule.
Looking at the line of questioning being undertaken - Sky's récup programme - it's worth taking a step back and asking what have we actually learned? Eleven months ago we knew this:
A lot of sound and fury at the MPTS/ Freeman hearings, but not much light. To try and step back a bit from that: what was actually happening inside Team Sky in 2011?

The team is a year old and its first year has been hard on the ego. It hasn't met the expectations it set for itself. In Moore's Sky's the Limit, we see 2010 ending with Brailsford saying he'll have to consider some of the expectations he himself set, such as ZTP, and offering ambiguity on where the ethical line he wouldn't cross actually is. In Wiggins's My Time, we see Lombardia ending with him down in his cups, half-cut in a half-finished hotel, having walked out of the team lodgings.

What responses do we see?
  • We see Wiggins getting a bollocking and told to either man up or step down
  • We see two doctors, Leinders and Bartolucci, being brought in toward the end of 2010
  • We see one doctor, Hulse, being let go
  • We see an IV récup programme agreed for the Giro but the no needles policy scuppering it
  • We see the TUE system being gamed for Wiggins, with regard to his Triamcinolone
  • We see a box of Testogel sachets arriving in Manchester
  • We see a BC staffer sent to courier a Jiffy bag
  • We see more pressure added to the boiler with Wiggins's performance at the Tour
  • We see Froome facing into having to find a new team for 2012, or take a pay cut, only to pull a rabbit out of the hat at the Vuelta
What else do we know was happening, specifically within that narrow time frame, the end of the 2010 Tour through to the end of the 2011 season?
Have we learned anything new of note in the time since?
You might be right, I haven't read what the event period is recently Parker.
One of the DCMS's whistleblowers did say he thought the package was probably Fluimicil, but might have included needles because although it is used as Freeman and Wiggins claimed it was at the training camp via nebulizer, it is also used as an anti-oxident via injection in training. Bartolucci said you wouldn't inject either fluimicil for recovery or triamcinolone for performance a few hours after the race as there is no race the next day, recovery is simply an issue when you have to race 3 weeks, not after the last day of a stage race.
Since when is several hours after a race has finished 'the middle of a race'?
Any chance you could find the post where someone said that?

Regardless, if indeed Wiggins did have an injection, irrespective of what it was, before midnight on the last day of the Dauphine, he has committed a doping offence.
It was literally quoted in the post you replied to.
Why not respond to them - any point between the start and the finish of the race is somewhere between the two, so is in the middle.

At that point, the rule was that the event finished at midnight as far as WADA were concerned. Hence them being secretive about the injection, and also what it was.
That's up with Damsgaard getting a free bike, isn't it? Steve Peters seems to be the only one todate to tell us stuff we didn't know (such as not participating in UK Sport's bullying inquiry) but on the doping front ... I'm struggling to think of anything new.
More free bikes went out of BC than were ridden by riders! Dave B would have been the final sign off though. Just look at how many bikes Cookson has tweeted about - bikes from Sky, from BC. Bikes were given to sponsors, staff, potential sponsors etc.
If it wasn't for bad luck he'd have no luck at all:
On Freeman’s sixth day of evidence at the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in Manchester, Simon Jackson QC, counsel for the General Medical Council, read out an email the doctor had sent to cycling’s body, the UCI, in which Freeman said in 2011: “I lost my hard drive and much data with regards to monitoring of bloods of riders at the giro and tdf. All are normal and will forward once fresh hard copies have come from the hospital.”

Jackson then asked Freeman: “This seems to be an unfortunate third occasion when you’ve either lost or broken a hard drive. So what happened?” “I can’t remember this email but having read it now I believe it was in reference to access. I didn’t lose a hard drive in 2011,” replied Freeman.

“If you’d lost access surely you would have said I am unable to access data,” asked Jackson. “You wouldn’t say I’ve lost it, or am I being pedantic?”

“I don’t think you are being pedantic,” replied Freeman.
Freeman was asked if the practice of micro-dosing — a doping technique — had been brought to his attention before he ordered the 30 sachets of Testogel. He spoke of an ‘eye-opening’ lecture senior management had been given on the issue.

I'm picturing Brailsford calling all the senior coaches and medical team together and lecturing them on micro-dosing, and ending it by telling everyone that this is what they're not to be doing. As he winks at everyone.
They covered it in the podcast yesterday. Remember Moore had the Sutton bullying Freeman story, way before this was even in the world. Said Freeman changed his mind after the interviews and wouldn't give the permission to publish it for fear of Sutton. I'm sure once this is over Moore will revisit that though.
I expect Moore has 2 articles written depending on the outcome. He spent enough time with Sky to either be complicit or incompetent as a journalist. Being a tame journo for the team might pay well but he's got zero credibility.

Considering he rode with a rider who when amateur was one of the biggest dopers in the bunch, he's not so good at spotting what's going open under his nose.
Don't think Moore has ever had inside access to Sky/BC has he bobbins? I think Moore had interviews with Freeman just before the jiffybag story broke where Freeman talked more about the story behind Suttons bullying, the BC Tribunal that DCMS & UKAD were told about etc, but DCMS for whatever reason decided to not publish any of it re. Sutton, but stand behind Suttons claim to Lawton instead.
Lawton is said to have had this story about Sutton too at the time of Jiffygate. Did he do a deal with Sutton to not go with that story and jiffygate instead? Who knows. Even with Lawton & Sutton, we probably won't ever know until an FOI is possible on all the missing witness statements re. Sutton held by DCMS.
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