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I didn't not expect Ohio State to win that decisively. As and Ohio State fan I was hoping they would win, but didn't expect them to win. On the other hand, I'm surprised they didn't X-ray Fields during half time. That was a very hard hit he took and I wouldn't be shocked if he has broken ribs.
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That was a very hard hit he took and I wouldn't be shocked if he has broken ribs.

If he can throw 6 TD passes against what is supposed to be one of the best defenses in the country, with a broken rib, it's scary to think what he can do healthy.

So much irony. The Big Ten initially cancelled their entire season because of C19. When they finally changed their mind, the teams got off to a late start, and adding to that cancellations because of positive tests, OSU didn’t play enough games to qualify for the Big Ten championship. The conference had to change the rules to let them play, which they had to do to have a chance for the BCS. If they win the national championship—I wouldn’t bet they’d beat Bama, but who knows?—I guess they’d have played the fewest games for a champion since before WWII, if not ever.

This was only the second game Clemson lost with Lawrence as starter. But other great players have had a worse ending to their college careers. John Elway—who may be the best comp to Lawrence—didn’t even get to play in a bowl game in his final year (or in fact any year), because Stanford finished with a losing record. All they had to do to have a winning record, and get invited to some bowl, was win their last game at Cal. They had the game locked up with a field goal on what should have been the last play. But coach Paul Wiggin stopped the clock just four seconds too early, so after the FG, Stanford had to kick off to Cal. On what may yet stand as the most remarkable TD in history, Cal, lateraled its way down the field, with players having to avoid Stanford Band members, who had already flooded the field in anticipation of victory, and ran back the KO for a TD. It took a couple of minutes for it to sink in to anyone that Cal had won the game, and that Elway's college career was over.

Stanford with Elway was one of the most inconsistent teams of all time. They were capable of playing far over their heads. They beat Ohio State, in Columbus. They took the lead over Arizona State, which won its first nine games and eventually would rank as high as no. 3 in the country, with less than a minute left, but gave up a game winning TD in the final ten seconds. It never would have happened if a Stanford DB hadn't dropped a sure interception on ASU's final drive. Stanford beat Washington, at the time ranked no. 2 in the country. They lost by a FG to UCLA, which would go on to win the Rose Bowl, and rank in the top 5. But they lost to several unranked teams, including San Jose State, coached by Elway's father and agent.

Elway was the consensus no. 1 draft choice, but didn't win the Heisman Trophy. In fact, he only tied for Player of the Year in his own conference, with UCLA QB Tom Ramsey, whom I'm sure no one has ever heard of.

Much like Lawrence, who despite being a certain no. 1, didn't even make the Heisman finalists. There isn't a GM in the NFL who would take any of the four finalists, as good as they are, ahead of Lawrence. Peyton Manning was another generational talent who didn't win the Heisman. Still another was Andrew Luck. A lot of Heisman winners are picked no. 1--the last three, for starters--but arguably the four best QB prospects in the past 40 years have all failed to win that award.
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I watched the 1st and 4th quarters in the M vs, MS game, entertaining football! Walker WOW!

OSU vs. PSU also entertaining. At breaks I would switch to ND vs. UNC, also pretty good (but its hard to judge a game in 60 second blurts).
Yes...indeed, the Michigan/Michigan St game was very entertaining. Walker - 197 yds rushing & 5 TDs! Terrible play by the Michigan quarterback(s) with picks & fumbles at key moments. And what can you say about Mel Tucker: 8-0 in just his 2nd season at State & first MSU coach to defeat Michigan in their first two games.

Interesting note: Tucker was hired by CU in 2019 to turn their program around but left after one year for MSU for double the salary he was getting at Colorado. CU's loss & MSU's gain.

Cinncinati finally got the big break it was looking for with Oregon going down against Utah. And what can you say about Ohio St - literally destroying & embarrassing Michigan St. C.J. Stroud threw for 6 TD passes in just the first half alone! Mel Tucker didn't have that team prepared at all & OSU is definitely the 2nd best team in the nation right now. Next week we essentially have playoff game between OSU & Michigan with the loser pretty much out of playoff contention. Only 2 teams remain undefeated in Georgia & Cinn. Here's my top 6 prediction for the CFP's selection this Tues:

  1. Georgia
  2. Ohio St
  3. Alabama
  4. Cincinnati
  5. Michigan
  6. Notre Dame
Just in time for the Bowl season I'm checking in and checking out the standings and rankings, wow, besides Utah and Oregon it looks like the Pac-12 has really stunk up the joint. None of the big California and Washington teams are in the mix...

Otherwise the current top 5 (if not top 10) look to be the usual suspects - good luck to you guys. I'll just have to console myself by watching some 4th-rate Bowl which every team qualifies for nowadays anyway.
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It was a great game! M's offensive line was great and their back repaid their blocking with great runs. The M D was stout as well.

OU and OSU was also a very entertaining game.

I watched the overtimes between the Tide and War Eagle too. Good stuff!
Great day of college games yesterday! Monumental victory with Michigan dominating OSU - first win over OSU in the Harbaugh era. Bama with their backs against the wall late in the 4th mounts a dramatic comeback winning the game in 3 OTs! Oklahoma St wins in a shootout with Oklahoma and Georgia, Cinncinati, & Notre Dame all took care of business with dominating wins.

I easily see Michigan supplanting OSU at the #2 spot with #3 Bama & #4 Cinn status quo come Tuesday's CFP rankings. The question is does #5 ND with 1 loss stay ahead of #6 Okla St with 1 loss for the all important first one in spot.

Should be some exciting conference championship games next Sat that could really shake things up in the playoff hunt.
Great conference championship games yesterday! The Bama upset of Georgia was completely unexpected! The Oklahoma St - Baylor game went right down to the wire. What a great defensive stand by Baylor where OSU couldn't punch it in on 4 tries at the goal line with time expiring. Great victory for Cinncinati in front of a jam-packed home crowd where they capped off an undefeated season with a conference championship. And Michigan destroyed Iowa securing their first Big-10 championship since 2005 & only their 3rd 12 win season in school history.

It looks like Cinncinati is in & the two powerhouses from the SEC will make it, along with the Wolverines. All that's left now is for the committee to debate the placing of the top 4.

What we learned:

Oklahoma St was never that good - they were ranked way too high with that #5 spot. In fact, the Big-12 was weak this season with the usual powerhouse Oklahoma losing 2 games (Baylor & OSU) & struggling to beat lackluster teams within the conference including a very weak non-conference schedule. And to make matters worse for the Sooners, Lincoln Riley has left for USC.

Cinncinati is the first non-Power 5 school (from the "Group of 5") to make the CFP. They showed that not only does a non-Power 5 school have to go undefeated but needs a convincing win against a top-10 Power 5 school. Their dominating win @ ND earlier in the season has been the most impressive factor with the committee. Kudos for the AD to reach out to ND and schedule that key game. Cinncinati also has a great QB & proven leader in 5th yr senior Desmond Ridder - a projected 1st rd draft pick.

Georgia played some lackluster teams toward the end of season that softened them up going into the game with Bama, who was toughened up playing a good Auburn team last week that went to 3 OTs. Georgia was exposed big time by Bama. They also have some major QB problems. JT Daniels is the 5-star recruit from California who bombed out at USC & transferred to Georgia. But he's injury prone & was benched in favor of Bennett. Bennett is only a 2-star recruit & very undersized. You'd think a top notch program like Georgia would have another 5-star or at least a 4-star QB in reserve.

Notre Dame will finish #5 as the top ranked non-playoff team & "best of the rest." Some might argue that maybe the committee should take ND over Georgia, but I don't think ND's resume is that good compared to Georgia's resume. Bottom line: ND needs to badly get into a conference fast...or they'll always be on the outside looking in (how about the ACC?). And to everyone's surprise, Brian Kelly leaves for LSU.

What can say about Bama? Bryce Young is unbelievable & suddenly Bama is becoming quarterback U. The 5-star recruit from California decommitted from USC for Tuscaloosa. The critics kept saying all year that this Bama team was not nearly as good as previous seasons. Too funny - Bama goes out & waxes #1 Georgia in their home state. The critics forgot that Bama has Nick Saban - arguably the greatest coach in college football history.

When it's all said & done - I'll take take Alabama as the National Champion!
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If Michigan isn't the top seeded team it's full BS and SEC corruption. This is from an Ohio State. Alabama should NOT be ranked above Michigan and if that means Alabama and Georgia play in the semi finals, then that's what it Fing means.
I didn't think that G would lose this year, they just seemed unstoppable in every aspect. That's why we play the games right?!

1-Roll Tide
I was close! The committee kept G above C.

Koronin, just by my 'eye test' 'Bama is a better team. Maybe we'll see them play in the title game? There is a little bit of me that would like to see Cincinnati win it all!
Yep...the stage is set with the two SEC powerhouses.

After Bama waxed Cinncinati I thought the Bearcats should have been passed up & ND given the 4th spot perhaps giving a better game against the Tide (the case against a non-Power 5 school ever making the playoffs). But after Michigan got destroyed by Georgia and didn't play much better than Cinn, it appears the two SEC schools are leaps & bounds over anyone else this year.
Congratulations to Kirby Smart on his first National Championship! Interestingly, Smart is a graduate of UG where he played DB alongside Champ Bailey.

Let's see if Georgia supplants Bama as king of the mountain of the SEC.
So long Trojans and UCLA, it's gonna be really weird not playing them and not having them be part of the Pac-12 starting 2024. (Former Pac-10 now back to Pac-10?)
I'm somewhat shocked by that. But college football is getting crazy and $$$ is playing such a big factor now.

CU & Notre Dame are looking at the Big 10. There's also some speculation that the SEC is interested in Clemson & North Carolina. Of course, Texas & Oklahoma are joining the SEC in 2025, which will completely decimate the Big-12.

The PAC-12 needs to do everything possible to keep CU in the conference. To replace USC & UCLA, they could add independent BYU, which has first class football facilities & routinely sells out Lavelle Edwards stadium (65,000). Though BYU has said they have accepted an offer to join the Big-12 when Texas & Oklahoma leave, I think they could be persuaded to join the PAC-12. In the PAC-12, they keep their rivalry game with Utah - and it would be an all important conference game, instead of the non-conference game played earlier in the season. They would also play Arizona & Arizona St, with the Phoenix-metro area having a large Mormon population

And either Boise St, San Diego St or UNLV could round out the 2nd replacement. SDSU would keep a school in the Southern Cal market. Boise St has a competitive program & looks to have decent facilities. UNLV plays in a first class stadium (Sam Boyd Stadium) that hosts the Las Vegas Bowl & the Vegas sports market is pretty good.
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