Compression Socks

Jul 17, 2009
By design I had to wear compression socks during and after surgery last year to help with circulation and avoid clotting they said. I was laid up last Spring and able to watch the Giro on TV thankfully.

Ironically I came across an interview Lance did at the time and he was recovering after a stage in compression socks.

Looking around at the products available and shocked at the cost, I decided to stock up from the Doc. They are basically "Diabetic" socks or Anti Angina socks in the medical world according to the medical supply stores. Since I have been back on the bike I wear compression socks after every ride and the big rides I wear them to bed. SO by design i decided to use them in training

I have no way of measuring the effects but I do feel I have recovered better and my heart rate is more stable after a ride.

I just wanted to get your feed back at all if any of you all use them. There seems to be a lot of sales hype for products I have looked at. More hype than fact I have found.

In addition is there anyone training with on during a ride or just recovery mode

What about compression pants?



BTW I find them in the medical supply stores for $30 as opposed to 60 bucke at a bike shop or "sport specific"
Jan 6, 2010
Lots of Tri geeks wear them in the US in events, hell they even swim in them.

Many pharmacy carry them for post op or even those with poor circulation. The come in different compression strengths and sizes. Lots cheaper than the "bike specific" stuff and probably better.
Aug 4, 2009
I have worn them for over 25 years but there a number of different ones out there .
they need to be very tight getting them on tight ankles and holding the calf muscle firm . they cost a fair whack but the ones you buy from the chemist are the best you may gat 18 months out of them as to 6 months out of the cheap ones.

I found some on ebay for $1 pair from china but the jury is still out on them
they are not quite as good as my normal socks but if they work for a while then they are cheap. they do the job but for how long.
They certainly take out the burning after a long ride but I only leave them on for about 4 hours because they are a little hot in summer.

In winter I use them all the time under tights.

Compresion pants as long asw they dont pull your guts in tight so you cant breath they are OK

The socks just stop you getting heavy legs after a long ride by pushing the blood up the legs and stoping blood pooling in calf muscle. that way clearing lactate so you can go again next day.
Mar 12, 2009
I have seen various studies regarding the benefits of compression garments. One study cited that any compression would have a positive effect (hospital grade compression) ie: you don't need to buy Skins or the like. One concluded that it makes no difference whatsoever regardless of what you use. If I can find links to said studies I'll put them up.

FWIW I usually use them right after a heavy training session - it does seem to reduce the DOMS and heaviness of the legs the next day. This could be entirely a placebo. Tried them in competition - made no discernible difference to power output.
Mar 10, 2009
I have been using the socks/tights from Sugoi and I have also found that they are speeding up my recovery time after 3+ hour rides. For short intensity I will wear the socks during the workout. I have also been wearing them during runs and find that they are helping me there as well.
Jul 8, 2009
using compression socks in competition is banned by the UCI.
They claim it gives an unfair aerodynamic advatage :rolleyes: - if i remember correctly.
Jul 16, 2009
So .... using my massive powers of deduction are we all saying that the AUD$100 - pair of Skins or 2XU comprssion socks I was going to buy could easily be substituted for compression socks at my local chemist which apart from looking vastly different without the "BLING" factor - do exactly the same job ??

Mmmmmmmmm .... of to my mate the chemist at lunch time I think.
Mar 19, 2009
JessyBurke said:
Doesn't that impede circulation? Those kind of socks I mean.

no the are used medically for the opposite. My father was put into compression socks when he became bed ridden to help the circulation in his feet. The did the same after a serious strokes in the late 90's.
Dec 5, 2009
mherm79 said:
no the are used medically for the opposite. My father was put into compression socks when he became bed ridden to help the circulation in his feet. The did the same after a serious strokes in the late 90's.

Oh I see. Thanks! :)
Feb 14, 2010
From what I've seen and read the past few years, I would guess that most of the pro's use compression hose to assist recovery; if something works it gets around quite quickly. Team Garmin management was keen on them on an interview I read 2 or 3 years ago, iirc; Miachale Barry wrote favourably about them in his blog in 08 or 09; Contador was wearing a set in one of his "in the hotel room" photos at the Tour last year; and I've read of other riders mentioning them but can't recall who anymore. I haven't read anything negative from any riders or teams.

As an auld phart who needs all the help he can get, I somehow manage to keep forgetting to get a set, but thanks for the reminder!!
Jun 29, 2009
Complete waste of money if you ask me. Cyclists are constantly contracting their calf muscles and have no need of these socks. They are designed for immobile patients at risk of DVT or people with chronic vascular disease. Why any healthy person would wanna shell out a wad of cash for this stuff is beyond me. It's all a marketing con.

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