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Contador Stage Antics

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Mar 10, 2009
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Thoughtforfood said:
..oh, well I stand corrected. However, watching that made me vomit, so you owe me a new chair for my computer desk.:)

Actually, that was part of helping you recognise Progressor's metaphor. Send him the bill:D
Publicus said:
He's a d-bag because the photographers called him back for another picture? If anybody is a d-bag, it's you for suggesting that crap.

For anyone THINKING about clicking on the link, it's a short video clip of Andy Schleck and AC walking off stage at the TdF presentation. About half across the stage AC stops and goes back to the poster with the 2010 route to pose for more pictures. Apparently being compliant with photographers wishes makes you a d-bag in some quarters of the world.

correct. .......
Thoughtforfood said:
..oh, well I stand corrected. However, watching that made me vomit, so you owe me a new chair for my computer desk.:)

you're admitting that you were wrong?

The double winner of the Tour de France, Alberto Contador, repeated today during the awards ceremony for the Spanish Neurological Society’s Ictus Prize that the sporting plan will be his main priority when deciding which team he will ride for next season. Contador admitted that he is considering offers from Caisse d’Epargne, Garmin and Quick Step, although he has not discarded the option of fulfilling the remaining year on his contract with Astana in 2010.

His remarks came after being recognized as winner of the social category of the 2009 Ictus Prize, an award dedicated to brain illnesses. Contador, who suffered a near-fatal collapse due to cerebral cavernoma in May of 2004, said today that his future as a professional “is being decided,” and that “between now and next week many doubts will be resolved.”

“I’m studying all the possibilities now. In the media they say that it’s very simple to terminate my contract, but in reality it’s not like that. I’m evaluating the possiblity of the Astana team, with whom I have a year of contract, and others who have been making strong bids for me for a long time, like Garmin, Quick Step and Caisse d’Epargne. I’d like to give the answer, but I still don’t know,” he said.

However, he stressed that what he’s thinking about is “the sporting plan. Priority? I need a plan today that will work for the Tour de France—which is the race that I’m most concerned about—and in which the whole team throws itself behind me one hundred percent. It’s not easy to choose and even less so considering these dates. What I want is to clarify everything soon in order to start working with the team and to have a little peace of mind,” he said.

In this sense, the winner of the 2008 Vuelta a España and Giro said that his lawyers are still studying the contract with Astana to determine if there could be grounds to terminate it, since as of October 20 the Kazakh team was still not on the ProTour list for next season.

“My advisors are still looking at it. The procedure can really drag out, more than a month, and I can’t wind up in the middle of December without knowing my future. Astana is an option which is taking shape, with new directors who are serious,” said Contador, who considers that at this date it’s “not practical” to put together a new team sponsored by F1 driver Fernando Alonso.

About recent statements made by his director Johan Bruyneel to the magazine Humo, such as that Contador happened to be the best-paid rider in the world “and that it’s difficult to keep his feet on the ground,” Contador sidestepped controversy: “They’re statements that I don’t take too seriously. The 2009 season is behind us. I’m thinking about 2010 and the Tour de France. That’s not something that matters.” he said. (Europa Press)