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Teams & Riders Coolest Names in the Peloton*

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EF Education-NightshiftPost??

Sorry, I'm not familiar with the Commodores early work
The biggest hit from that 'Zoom' album was 'Easy (Like Sunday Morning)', the only record for a slow dance that they had at the local youth club when I was of an age that such things were important to me.

I'm a little too young to remember 70s music. For me, Lionel Richie was a solo artist (whose superpower was dancing on ceilings) and only in the last few years found out he was once part of the commodores.
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Returning the thread to its original purpose:

I don't think I had had my attention previously drawn to Charles-Etienne Chretien. Not only the delight of a forename and family name that rhyme with each other (my French teacher might not agree), but also a family name that is the contraction of the two given names.
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Here's a new category; teamnames that can be turned into a rebus:


TBF, I think it's a rather small category. In fact, if anyone can come up with others, feel free to do so. And, no; just using sponsor logos doesn't count!
I am currently watching episode 3 of 'Cunk on Earth', on which she says of Jean Jacques Rousseau, "he had a name so French that he may as well have been called Pierre Baguette". So I guess that is where the team got its name from...

Diane Morgan must be more popular in Slovakia than I would have imagined.
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That would have been even better,, indeed.

On the subset that is rhyming forenames and family names, I don't think Nienke Vinke has been mentioned yet.

In Poland, this name probably doesn't rhyme but for an English speaker it would