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That Blobloblo guy. I forget his first name.
This guy?
Awesome name. Terrible dinner.

If you like bananas then this Angus is a lot tastier


This name is really funny for Polish speakers, because "Kuba" is basically an informal form (I've just learned there's a word in the English language for that: ) of the name "Jakub". For English speakers it's a bit like if someone was named William Bill, for example.
After Oliver Wood, we have another one who seems to have switched from quidditch to cycling:
Here's a new category; teamnames that can be turned into a rebus:


TBF, I think it's a rather small category. In fact, if anyone can come up with others, feel free to do so. And, no; just using sponsor logos doesn't count!

I can't post pictures from my phone, so you'll have to imagine one of (Fidel) Castro with minus r written on it, plus one of the characters from Futurama with minus futu on it.
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