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Could a clean Cadel Evans get 2nd on uphill TT in Giro?

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Could a clean Cadel Evans get 2nd on uphill TT in giro?

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Feb 25, 2010
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SpartacusRox said:
At the end of the day, where will this end. Under the forum rules no one is innocent. I for one believe that Cadel rides clean and I also believe Basso is too. Call me gullible but there comes a time when you have to trust that there are guys that genuinely live up to what they say and in some cases have learned their lesson. Otherwise you just end up bitter and twisted like many who post on here who only live in darkness and see no light at the end of the tunnel.

You're totally right ;)
Roninho said:
It's not that i am bitter, i enjoyed Evans, basso's and others performances this week, it has been a very enjoyable giro. However in the last 5+ years there have been so many riders caught doping including a lot that i didn't expect that it makes me 'cautious' to say a rider is clean. Call me bitter, but saying evans is clean because he looks to be suffering is just silly.

Agree but the same logic can be used "just cause rider x fails a drug test,doesnt mean they all will"........touche.