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CQ ranking

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Nice to see Rinaldo pick up some more points. Hes doing it bit by bit, without a win this season but not far from matching last years total. Just keep at it.

hrotha said:

Guess who's in my team. Just my luck, I guess.

That sucks, but then again should be totaly worth it considering Mcgeek brought in a few points with a very impressive display.

roundabout said:
At least he didn't trundle in behind Sulzberger in s.t. That would have been even more frustrating.


luckyboy said:
cost: 5
points made: 54


Also Andy got me a great 5 points

Nice catch.

He got more points today than he has in his entire career up to today.

Ps why dont you answer my pm?
This is going to be one of the best weeks. I mean, not only the Ronde, but the best 1-week stage race of the year, and then Paris-Roubaix... big week for good cycle races, big week for CQ points.

Should be interesting for me, of my possible 'big' scorers in the cobbled races I have Haussler (who everyone has), Boonen (who lots of people have) and Ballan (who surprisingly few people have). I think Gusev could be a good wildcard for me, but he was underwhelming in de Panne. I won't gain as much with points from those big guns as lots of people have them, but I have to keep my head above water. It's do or die, CQ team.

For Pais Vasco, it's a total crapshoot as there's a lot of talent out there in the race, and a lot on my team. Vandevelde, Tejay, Kash (finally), Cunego, Di Luca, Lofkvist, Soler, Kessiakoff, Cobo... lots of guys who could do anything, or nothing....

Should be a fun week as a fan and as a gamer.

Cavendish (lol who... please finish and get 5 points :D )

Hopefully Arvesen, Clarke and Klier all finish for another 5 points... The long road to payback. In fact I really need a top20 from Klier, as he's well down. Arvesen and Clarke will be paid back by the end of Spring though. If Gusev or Goss can pull a top15 out this week or next that will be good.
Nov 23, 2009
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Last week I think I got something BS like 15 points. Maybe HK you can skip this week's update? :p

This week I hope to start delivering again, but expectations are low when you look at this list:
PVASCO - Cunego, Vandevelde, Gadret, Di Luca, Bruseghin, Gasparotto, Sastre
RVV (and probably the same for PR) - Haussler, Goss, Ballan, Kroon, Arvesen
Sep 27, 2009
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Jancouver said:
I have "just" 4 guys doing Flanders :D


But you have the right 4, it would not be a huge surprise if you got the podium with the first three, perhaps a top twenty for O'Grady.
Oct 17, 2010
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So I'm off to a good score I think. Had boonen, cancellara, langeveld and nuyens on my team. A little bit surprised about the last two as I thought they were too tired to do something.