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Doping in other sports?

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StyrbjornSterki said:
RobbieCanuck said:
StyrbjornSterki said:
USADA have exonerated two more UFC fighters (Augusto Montano of Mexico, and Li Jingliang of China) after testing positive for trace amounts of clenbuterol. As I noted above, they already issued a finding of "no fault" against another Chinese fighter, Guangyou Ning, for the same infraction.

So despite their formal zero-tolerance pledge, USADA now formally have tolerated 100% of the 2016 positives for clenbuterol.

In the case of Montano, USADA thorougly reviewed his medical file and concluded the clen was probably due to tainted meat, which is common in Mexico. So they did not "tolerate" a positive clen finding but exonerated him. That is what the system is designed to do, give the athlete an opportunity to prove there was no intent to cheat!
Try telling that to Contador.

Yeah I hear you!

"It has been decided that she was the victim of third-party contamination after having sex with her boyfriend.

Ligandrol was found in the supplements he was using."

Apparently they provided a hair sample from him to further prove their case.

"It has been decided that she was the victim of third-party contamination after having sex with her boyfriend.

Ligandrol was found in the supplements he was using."

Apparently they provided a hair sample from him to further prove their case.
An extension of the Daniel Plaza excuse.
I assume the 8 years is because of a previous violation, the evidence he has been protected, and the flamboyant way in which he refused to be tested. Because 8 years is a lot for just missing a test. It effectively ends his career, unless he pulls a Dara Torres.
Yes, it's his 2nd ban. A bit surprising that it's not backdated and that he keeps is result. Horton must be happy, he never had a problem winning a medal in the relay with a convicted doper on his team, but that was an Aussie mate and not an evil doper from China or Russia. I actually respect the Italians Detti and Paltrinieri for calling out Horton and having a more neutral stance on Sun Yang.
That said, he deserves to get banned and doesn't seem to be a great guy, to say the least.
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WADA treats tampering with a sample more severely than a positive test - Yang will still be popular in China and the endorsements will continue - Horton was going to have a pool named after him at his old school, until the Yang podium incident - A correct decision from the school.
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Hmm, long-contested doping violation by trainer of triple-crown winner thrown dismissed in closed-door meeting:

“The board ruled that Justify’s positive test for the banned drug scopolamine had been the result of “environmental contamination,” not intentional doping. Baffert has denied any wrongdoing, but the quantity of the drug found in Justify suggested that it was present not because of contamination in his feed or his bedding but rather because of an effort to enhance performance, according to Dr. Rick Sams, who ran the drug lab for the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission from 2011 to 2018.”

Maybe it was the steak ...

Slightly amusing:

UFC fighter gets released
USADA tests him
UFC notifies fighter that he's released
USADA catches him (again) and sanctions him for 2 years
UFC notifies USADA that he's no longer in the testing pool.

cheating fighter is upset that failed test and UFC only suspension makes him look bad when he's trying to get another MMA contract elsewhere

not funny that this was a waste of time and resources
conspiracy wise i don't think the UFC intentionally screwed him more than usual
Jan 1, 2021
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Not sure if it was discussed on here, but a while back an England player was getting speed coaching by Alan Wells wife and also seemed to have a big jump in strength and was quite angry. Seemed quite suspicious to me at the time.
From the world of baseball. They're talking about kids.

The kids ain't alright

The issue becomes when one of the stakeholders in the mix, whether it be a player using steroids or using false documents and does something wrong -- that's an issue. Whether it's a trainer who's injecting steroids into a player and doing things to fudge the perception of how good the player is, or if it's a team doing tricks to back out of deals or to do side deals
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The Athletic surveyed 100 former pro football players (real football, not the other stuff) and asked how many had doped during their career.

View: https://twitter.com/fmk_RoI/status/1576594631420104704

The survey was conducted anonymously to make it easier for former players to answer truthfully without fear of it being used against them. These included former Premier League champions and internationals, with 11 per cent of those taking part estimating they would be valued from £40million to £80million or even higher in today’s transfer market.

Three of the players who took part admitted they had taken part in doping at some stage of their career. Two of those said it was unintentional and that it had not been a deliberate attempt to cheat the system. The third, however, admitted to knowingly taking banned substances.
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