(Dutch Beer Race) Amstel Gold Race 2021, 216.7k. Sunday.

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Pick the winner.

  • Pidcock / Kwiatkowski

    Votes: 9 11.3%
  • Bagioli / Vansevenant / Alaphilippe

    Votes: 10 12.5%
  • Schachmann / Schelling

    Votes: 3 3.8%
  • van Aert / Roglic

    Votes: 33 41.3%
  • Valverde

    Votes: 5 6.3%
  • Hirschi

    Votes: 2 2.5%
  • Fuglsang

    Votes: 1 1.3%
  • Matthews

    Votes: 2 2.5%
  • Hindsgaul Madsen

    Votes: 3 3.8%
  • All these choices are ridiculous, I'm making my ballot invalid.

    Votes: 12 15.0%

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Vos is reliability.

Shame for Niewiadoma. Maybe if Longo Borghini hadn't attacked they could've stayed ahead.
Difficult to convince a rider with already good results (in the season) to cooperate.

A nice insight in the nature of the circuit.
My hypothesis is that since these are two of the women who contest the 'worst sprinter in the péloton' title (Kasia has improved, but Elisa resolutely remains the kind of rider who can only win solo), they were so worried about proving themselves worse by losing to the other that they would rather come nowhere in the bunch and not suffer the ignominy.

Either that or she took Domenico Pozzovivo's advanced course in how to finish 7th in a 3 man sprint from the Cycling Classes With The Pros thread.
She still managed to beat Kasia, so it might have been a mistake not to ride to the line with her.
Danish commentators comparing the situation with Niewiadoma and Longo Borghini with that of Alaphilippe and Fuglsang from two years ago.
A shame for my chances in the predictin game...
Worse than that. They'd only put all the effort in to drop Vos a km earlier..

She still managed to beat Kasia, so it might have been a mistake not to ride to the line with her.
Yep, better just to roll the dice in that situation, surely.
I don't wanna sound too negative but after watching the women race I'm not sure this is hard enough to have much selection.

It's basically the 2012 Worlds course but with Geulhemmerweg added, and then a cut through to make Bemelerberg the last climb rather than an uphill sprint on the Cauberg.

Which might be good for it, because the Bemelerberg is absolutely garbage. No ramps and wide roads, just about the easiest climb in the Limburg region from a racing point of view, so if anybody wants to make an earlier move count and not sprint from a reduced group, they can't just wait til the Cauberg and would have to be more like Grace Brown was to make it work.
ELB messed up before the Cauberg. She made her teammates work but was so far behind and had to overtake a lot of riders.
I think if she was on AVV's wheel when the Cauberg started she would've dropped them all.
Definitely. She came from the last 3rd of the group and was the only rider to catch Niewiadoma. Really likely that she would have dropped everyone with a big enough gap to take it.
I'm not sure Elisa's ever won a finish where she didn't come to the line alone unless it was either a proper uphill, or a pre-arranged deal. She's like Pooley in that regard.
Sure, she wouldn't win against many riders, but her sprint in RvV wasn't too bad. I'm not sure why she decided to open the sprint, but she obviously knew she wouldn't finish first no matter what she did at that point.

Vos is having a pretty good season so far with first wins in both GW and now AGR.
Brown's attack was doomed to failure because there were too many domestics left in the peleton - Teutenberg is such a negative DS - Refused to allow Trek to bring back AVV and Niewiadonna in Flanders when they had two riders in the chasing peleton.
It's curious how many climbers are in this race now that we have established that it's more a course for a hill-resistent sprinter. I suppose it's mostly because of the more general seasons schedules and riders being in for a general Ardennes' week, but I get less and less why Cosnefroy isn't here.

I'm upgrading van Avermaet and Aranburu in my rating.
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