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And this Irish rider is actually Irish (if his name is anything to go by).
Co Tyrone (Dungannon, where the national championships are taking place today (TT) and over the weekend), so entitled to call himself Irish or British.

But given the Irish diaspora, names are not anything to go by: Ben O'Connor, Kelland O'Brien, Sean Quinn, Tao Geoghegan (not so much the Hart bit), Colin Joyce, Kyle Murphy...
So it would appear the riders under contract for 2024 are:
Bettiol, Bissegger, Carapaz, Carr, Cepeda, Chaves, De Bod, Healy, Honore, Padun, Piccolo, Powless, Rafferty, Rutsch, Uran, Valgren.

That's already decent to very good on paper in areas like mountains, hills, cobbles and time trials.

The only thing lacking are sprinters in any shape or form.
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Might it be better for his development to go to the devo team first?
He apparently had interest from WT teams last year, after he won the U23 Strade Bianchi as an 18 year old, but his agents decided that he was too young. This year though, he’s just finished second at the Baby Giro and once you are at a level where you are podiuming that or Avenir there’s limited benefit to hanging around the espoir races for another year (or two or three).

Going to a fully professional team, with a fully professional training set up, is probably a rider’s best bet in development terms, assuming that the team is going to be careful. It wouldn‘t be a great idea to go to a team scrambling around for points where a kid could find themselves overraced. But EF have done a pretty good job bringing Healy through, they are in a very good place when it comes to points and they just generally aren’t under any pressure to perform better than they already are.

I would assume that if they are signing him, EF will have a plan to develop him without breaking him.