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Unless you're telling me there are two Ullrich married with two Steinhauser, if Ullrich is no longer married with Sara Steinhauser he has no family relationship with Georg.

Well, I thought Ullrich and T. Steinhauser being BILs meant that one of them is/was married to the other's sister.

Hold on, now I know what threw me off.
"He (GS) is the nephew of her wife/ex-wife".

So, I thought that TS had a sister (Sara) who is/was married to a woman, and that Ullrich also featured in the family, somehow...
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Assuming that all riders are in decent form, my preferred TdF squad would be:
Carapaz, Uran, Carthy, Powless, Healy, Bettiol, Van den Berg, Bissegger.

Let's see what the real world has to say about my hypothetical preferred squad in 2 months.

That is a good looking list.

Could a rider earn their way on with a good Giro?

Was Carthy dropped from the Giro by EF so he could be there for Carapaz in the mountains?

And we still have Dauphine and Suisse coming up.
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They read my posts at EF.

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