Effects of coronavirus on professional races

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Hm. I can understand it's hard to tell the public races are going ahead when they aren't allowed to do anything. On the other hand, football games have gone on so far and I don't think Paris-Lille got cancelled so far?
And while there have been many cases in other sports, cycling has really had very few cases, and especially few which had anything to do with the races.
I don't know enough about the French measures to make a good statement, but in general I just hate symbolic politics. Why not take proper measures and explain them to people instead of thinking they won't understand anyway?
Wielerflits suggests 24th or 31st of October as alternative dates. it's postponed, not cancelled.

Yeah, it was unsustainable to allow P-R to continue because it is in the north of France, where we (Ile de France and points north) are seeing ERs stretched thin. The French govt. has been pretty ham-fisted in the last 6 months -- we should have been locked down over the Feb. school holidays -- and this quasi-lockdown is timed to end just before Easter break, which will then allow millions of French people to travel freely, spreading the virus again...so not surprised at all by the postponement.
For the masking/vaccines to work, it requires 95% compliance. At the best, throughout this whole pandemic it has been ~ 60% like an election. Only during a lockdown has it gone to 85+%. Lockdowns are the most effective to stop the pandemic but also the most destructive. It does not help without restrictions in air travel and borders.
Cycling requires a lot of resources to maintain the range of area that is covered. Football on the other hand is a stadium without spectators. Very easy to handle and a steady state situation. Cycling is pretty dynamic with the majority of the work around a moving peloton for 4-6 hrs.
I suspect with the limited immunity with the vaccines( ~ 1 year) and the variants plus the anti-vaxxers and the anti-maskers, this is going to be endemic and last for a very long time.
The only countries able to do it properly are the smaller countries with smaller populations with natural isolations like New Zealand
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I still hope it doesn't get postponed. From the reactions of Michel Lalande (the local chief), it seems like he has absolutely no clue about possible ways to get this organised in a sensible way (like they did last year in Tour of Flanders).
Cras from LTS didn't start the last stage in Catalunya because of a fever. It turns out he has COVID.

The amount of cases in cycling the last couple of days is quite worrying.
Good to know the protocols (or team management) kept hm out of the race b/c of fever even if he didn't test positive yet. Perhaps saved some other riders from getting the virus. Although he probably had a high viral load the day before too.
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