European Road Championships 2022, Munich, August 14-21

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Why would you even ride on the track to begin with living in Italy? I have no clue, I can understand it being Danish and having to train from october-march on the road, but Italy? C'mon man
Yeah, I don't get it either. Maybe if you live in Milano or Roma.
I get why Mtb would be popular because it's fun and safer than training on open roads and therefor parents are also not opposed, but I don't really get track cycling that much, maybe during the winter but that's about it.

The funny thing is that Italy only has 1 indoor velodrome, and that one is closed half the time because the roof is leaking. Italy becoming a track nation has to do with good coaches who actually want to develop riders long term (unlike most u23 and junior teams) and the talented riders, clearly not because of the great infrastructure.
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So today is the men's and women's TT. It's 25km and not too hilly. Live video stream available on Eurosport/GCN.
Women start @ 14:00 CET, men start @ 17:30 CET

Firstly, you can also watch the free live stream here:


If the embedded live stream doesn't work click here as well:



Full startlist:


Redemption for Reusser who retains the title. Van Dijk was again able to crawl back some time in the end, so perhaps the result could have been different, if Brennauer had been able reach a higher level in her final season, though she obviously also used energy on the track before this event.

Markus once again proves that she's become a fine TTer.
ITT medals for the 13min effort... this is a joke. Seeing XCO course an RR few days ago I'd say the whole UEC is a joke. A rather bad one.

EDIT: sorry, didn't realize that esp changed the coverage... 30mins are OKish. still, remaining points stand.
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