Eurosport commentary

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I know the Vuelta stage was raced very fast today, and that GCN can only work with the host broadcaster's timings, but the coverage was over almost before it started. I hope the rest of the week is better.
F me but I think Blight might actually be the best dressed in the studio today.

Robbie's jacket just is not working.

Lloyd looks like he just grabbed something from under a desk in marketing. Doesn't he have any clothes of his own?
Giving airtime to Jonathan Vaughters is perhaps the worst crime against sanity that GCN have committed yet. Especially since now he and Blythe are going to have to try to one-up each other in the costume department.
Exposed! The great Libertine Seguros is actually Johan Bruyneel!
No wonder this account's cycling comments have been so educated and informative for so long.
Blythe annoys the heck out of me. once in a while makes a good comments but mostly talks nonsense. In my head when he comes on I say to myself my nickname for him Blythering Idiot. ;)

He is worse than useless ...He talks aload of gibberish. He is always joking around except its not funny ...its annoying

I expect he owes his position because he brown noses Dan Llyod

Can they not get someone who has ridden in the cutting edge of a GT and who is knowledgeable. d The only real punter for a GT is Sean Kelly after that is waffle excepts for McEwen on sprints which is fair enough

No one gets behind the scenes either with INEOS or JV

The GCN comms team are just too pleased with themselves and their cushy number. They need to think content and not what colours they are wearing in the study
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