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Teams & Riders Everybody needs a little bit of Roglstomp in their lives

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Does this count as a win versus Pogacar?

I feel that just because Pog didn't bother to show up today it shouldn't absolve him of getting a "stomped" card. I mean a no-show during a Roglification should even count as a double defeat (for failure to participate).

So give the Vélo D'Or to Roglic as well because why not.
He'll just vicariously scroll instagram to look for a Roglic crashing meme to like.
I'd say that was funny... except for the fact it's literally true (he's done it before, i.e. during the recent Vuelta). So it's sad.

But whatever, Roglic even crashes with more panache as well. Vive the entertainment.

Primoz simply needs more adrenaline: cycling isn't ski-jumping after all. Maybe one day he'll try Paris-Roubaix.
Great race today, shame about no Eurosport coverage, with such a cast it should have international coverage, as it did in the past. I managed to catch the last 10km replay and it was exciting. Great win for Roglic

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRT8VQ4WgAM

Not sure what the field is like in Milano Torino, but that should be pretty winnable.

Lombardia, I'm actually not too keen on the finish for Roglic, I don't quite trust his flat sprint

This is correct, i.e. me neither.

It's the worst profile of the week & it just happens to be the "biggest race". But all things being equal Roglic doesn't need Lombardia to have a great season. It would be nice icing on the cake but even these autumn classics are a success now due to this win (better than the spring classics in any case).
Due to bad TV coverage i knew i won't watch the race. Came home and first thing i checked were the results for Giro dell'Emilia. The moment after smile on my face went this big:


History determines if his legacy is worthy of being called a legend. He is a work in progress. IMO he has some work to do before being considered. But I'n very Stingy giving that label to anyone.

Well, I don't think it's about history. It's a about achievements. If you win 3-monuments on a single year or Giro-Tour double, I'd consider you as a legend. Even if you don't do much for the rest of your career.
That said, for me Roglic is also work in progress. One more Monument and/or one more GT (even Vuelta as he'd be the joint record holder) would justify the legend status for me.