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Teams & Riders Everybody needs a little bit of Roglstomp in their lives

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Vingegaard continues his record of never having put time into Pogacar in the mountains. Meanwhile his injured (dislocated shoulder , hip and lower back pain) teammate, and apparent 2nd in command, finished a few seconds behind him.

One wonders what would have happened if the team put full support behind their strongest rider from stage 1
Are we straight up trolling at this point?
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It's hard to see honestly if he continues. You can't just fight through such an injury during a Grand Tour and then be good in the next Grand Tour.

In 2015 Contador won the Giro despite a heavy crash and that was probably his worst Tour de France.

I don't think it's a good idea to race two GTs in three months after a heavy crash. Just take a rest after Tour and prepare for WC RR and Italian classics (especially Il Lombardia). Probably also depends how Tour goes, if Jonas or Roglic wins, than there will be less pressure to win Vuelta. If they come short in Tour I could see pressure from the team to do the Vuelta. I don't see him as a very vocal person but I hope he can recognise what is good for him (and not necessary for the team), and decide accordingly.