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Teams & Riders Everybody needs a little bit of Roglstomp in their lives

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Yeah, in a descend on stage 17. Also the reason why he DNF that giro. Not that it mattered for the GC because he gave up on that the stage before it when he didn't feel good at all. (3rd week kicking in)

Comparing revalidation where you come from bed ridden, unable to walk, need regain all flexibility/muscles etc with a revalidation which did not impede riding ? Does anybody assume Bernal would have won his first race after getting back on the bike? and arguably Bernal accomplished a lot more than Remco before his heavy crash. Everybody can go tit for tat on those things, but don't let the hype around a name cluther the view on what is humany possible.

They didn't went to the Giro to win it, they went to get experience. Remco showed good numbers in training so they hoped he would do good ofcourse. But winning was never the goal ( at least not with Remco). That was all media and hype around the name Remco. And when he started extremely well it boosted hope (me and others included). (Actually very similar to Roglic flying when he started this year after some misfortune in the winter. Nothing bad with hoping he will do good right? But if he fails, will you say he doesn't have it? or say his winter caused a lower base? )
The low winter base is a weak argument, because clearly Roglic had the stuff to win Tirreno and then Catalunya.
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They didn't went to the Giro to win it, they went to get experience. Remco showed good numbers in training so they hoped he would do good ofcourse. But winning was never the goal ( at least not with Remco). That was all media and hype around the name Remco.
Why then he went for bonus seconds? For spectacle? It seemed that isn't just the media who was hyped...
He was 21 years old, coming off a horrific accident and a few seconds away from the pink jersey.

Wouldn’t you sprint for bonus seconds?

Getting the pink jersey even for a day would have been mind blowing and a boost to his confidence after 10 months of rehabilitation. See his reaction when he won his first race after his crash (later at the Baloise Tour). See how emotional he was. The kid was looking for a sign he could come back fully. See the QS short doc on last years LBL. Interviewed after that race, he alludes to having had doubts. Give the kid a break.
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Let’em. All the more fun.
Unlike Remco fans I think there's variety, critical thinking and no cult like fanboyism among Roglic fans (and in any other rider). I guess because it's not something one does 24/7. So when one writes "Remco fans" of course one runs the risk of generalizing and including someone among that group who simply has common sense. But as a general rule, Remco fans are an annoying bunch and win discussions by exhausting the other side, repeating over and over the same "argument".
It's evident that Roglic fans have this unwholesome obssession with Remco, which naturally is a sign of deep rooted insecurities and shameless envy.
You know nothing, Extinct Snow! Our obsession with Remco in just one big wholesome feeling of love... and its so deep, much deeper than you could even possibly imagine, let alone feel it, just much much deeper, it's the truth. Yes, we are insecure of his win and we do envy the GT capabilities Roglič has shown compared to him. But we love Remco so much that we have to pump up Roglič so that Remco will not look so bad, when he gets dusted.
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The thing that baffles me the most is on why wheel sucking is all of the sudden a problem now. Considering Remco will be ahead. Due to the ITT.

Oh well. I guess when the final countdown starts. All sort of theories start to emerge. Due to the tension. In thighs. Things i guess should calm down after the first stage starts.
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This is great. Without a doubt the two riders with the biggest and most amount of fan/fanboys on this forum, and this will continue a whole month. The CN forum will be reduced in half by late May!

I think of myself as the biggest die hard Rogla fan in existence tbh, partially due to the stress I get when he's racing. I care, a lot. As I have experience supporting Rog in GT's, I tend to go in with my eyes wide open... whilst also half expecting the worse. I mentally prepare myself for the worse because grand tours have historically either been the stuff of dreams for Rog, or complete nightmares. There's no nuance in his career so far. It's either no risk no glory with glorious results... or total disaster.

I still haven't properly recovered from last summer's double knockout combo of the TdF haybale followed by that epic attack in the Vuelta stage 16... followed by whatever that was in the final few meters. I mentally checked out of cycling for months after that.

All this is to say I would never smack talk Evenepoel or anyone else, or overestimate Rogla & claim he's a superman or something because there's always the possibility everything turns to total sh*t. Watching a GT whilst supporting Rog is a form of human adventure so as a fan I buckle up & hope to enjoy the ride, whatever the outcome.